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McKinley Hill Neighborhood

McKinley Hill Neighborhood Plan

McKinley Hill

The City’s pilot Neighborhood Planning Program (NPP) provides enhanced planning and development support to help communities create strong, vibrant, and diverse neighborhoods. 


City Council identified the McKinley Hill Neighborhood as a priority for the pilot year of the Neighborhood Planning Program. The McKinley NPP will focus on: 

  • Building neighborhood capacity and community 

  • Supporting a vibrant business district 

  • Neighborhood identity/character  

  • Creating a healthy and sustainable neighborhood  

  • Community engagement for the future of the Gault School site  

For the purpose of this plan, we are defining “neighborhood” as the Mixed-Use Center (in green) and the surrounding residential neighborhood. These boundaries may be adjusted during the planning process, but it is important to include public amenities (such as parks and schools) that service the core neighborhood. 


Rough Project Area

The Call: Get Involved, Stay Engaged! 

Neighborhood stakeholders, led by a stakeholder committee, will determine the goals of the plan and assist with creating a roadmap for implementation. Please contact neighborhoodplanning@cityoftacoma.org if you’re interested in participating. The only requirement is that you live, work, or spend substantial time in McKinley Hill.   


Ways to get involved include: 

  • Joining the Stakeholder Committee in your neighborhood 
  • Volunteering to assist with surveys, leading outreach, hosting an event, or helping build connections with community members who prefer Spanish, Russian, Khmer, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, ASL or other languages.
  • Responding to surveys  
  • Helping to create art or greenspaces

The NPP is also working with the Action Mapping Project through University of Washington Tacoma  to engage students high school students from Lincoln and Mt. Tahoma in the planning process.   


Getting Started 

Virtual Kick Off: McKinley Hill Plan-A-Thon 

February 3, 2022, 5:30–7 PM on Zoom 

Join us for the introduction of the Neighborhood Planning Program and a speed round of brainstorming. Attendees are invited to break into teams and spend 30 minutes coming up with ideas to improve/enhance the McKinley Neighborhood, followed by 30 minutes of presenting those ideas to the whole group. 


Prompt: Think about what makes the ideal neighborhood. What does McKinley Hill need to be a place where people want to live and work? Think about small changes and big dreams! Extra Credit: Pull together visuals to represent your ideas!  


Take the McKinley Hill Neighborhood Survey!   

Estimated Timeline:

We kick off the project in early 2022 and will complete and begin early implementation within 12 to 18 months.


January-March: Neighborhood profile and outreach 

April-June: Evaluate existing conditions and propose recommendations 

July-September: Plan implementation and identify resources 

October-December: Finalize plan and roadmap for implementation   


Project Funding 

Although major projects will be accomplished through partnerships between the City and its partners, the NPP will also provide $50,000 of direct funding to organized groups of residents or nonprofits to support implementation, such as: 

  • Community identity/history   
  • Art installations 
  • Physical improvements  
  • Cleanup efforts  
  • Recognition/protection of cultural/historic resources  
  • Sustainability/Health  
  • Some elements of streetscape


Email your Neighborhood Planner

Lauren Hoogkamer, MSUP/MSHP 
Principal Planner
(253) 591-5254 


Anneka Olson, MA

Senior Planner


(253) 331-3742


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