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Shared Leave

City of Tacoma Employee Leave Sharing Program

The Shared Leave Program was originally authorized by the Tacoma City Council in 1999 (Tacoma Municipal Code 1.12.245) to establish a program as a continuing benefit for City of Tacoma employees; to provide an opportunity for City employees to come to the aid of fellow City employees who suffer from a severe, extraordinary, or life-threatening illness or injury that prevents the individual from working.

Click to Review the City’s Municipal Code for Shared Leave


To Request Shared Leave:
An employee (or a representative of the employee in the event the employee is incapacitated or otherwise physically incapable of making the request for leave) will need to complete both the Shared Leave Request Form and Shared Leave Medical Certificate Form.

Once completed, the forms should be returned to the Disability and Leave Management (DLM) Office via email at DLM@cityoftacoma.org or fax (253) 591-5451.

To Donate Leave:
Employees who wish to donate leave to another eligible employee, can do so at any time by completing and submitting the Shared Leave Donation form to the HRMS team via email at HRMSteam@cityoftacoma.org.

Employees Approved for Shared Leave 
(Must be able to login to the to the City's network to access link)

Contact Information 
Human Resources
Disability & Leave Management (DLM) Office
(253) 591-5452



Shared Leave Forms

Leave Request
Medical Certificate
Leave Donation