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Major Crimes

Special Victims Unit

Members of the Special Victims Unit seek to represent victims and enforce our community's intolerance for violent behavior, both inside and outside the home.  A clear and consistent response to domestic violence and crimes involving juveniles conveys the message that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.  We will conduct criminal investigations and answer public complaints involving at-risk youths, while striving to assist victims and their families by providing them with information and resources, and connecting them with services to better aid them through their personal crisis.


The following links will provide more information on topics such as bullying, cyber bullying, and domestic violence. All documents are in the PDF format. 

Domestic Violence Resources
Domestic Violence Fact Sheet - Washington State
The Domestic Violence Protection Order Process
Frequently Asked Questions - Domestic Violence Order Service
Myths About Bullying
Warning Signs That a Child is Being Bullied
Cyber Bullying Fact Sheet
Tacoma Public Schools Bullying Policy
What We Know about Bullying
Protecting Kids and Teens Online

Career Crimes Unit

The Career Crimes Unit focuses on those 20 percent of criminals that create 80 percent of the burglaries, robberies and vehicle crimes.  We will collaborate with the Crime Analysis Unit, Patrol, outside agencies, and other Detectives to identify those repeat offenders who are committing the most crime, as well as the most violent crime.


The mission of the Career Crimes Unit is to investigate individuals that repeatedly commit crimes in and around the City of Tacoma.  The Career Crimes Unit also investigates crimes demonstrated to be serial in nature.


Financial Crimes

To reduce your risk for identity theft, read Taking Charge - What to Do if Your Identity is Stolen.  This guide by the Federal Trade Commission includes tips, worksheets, blank forms and sample letters to guide you through the recovery process in the event you suspect your identity has been stolen.