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Transfer of Development Rights

What is the Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program?

The City of Tacoma’s TDR Program allows eligible property owners to transfer their rights to development of their property (in the form of a TDR Certificate) to owners of property more suited to development.  The outcome fosters growth in areas where density is desired and conservation of areas in which development is not. 
A TDR transaction benefits all parties involved.  The seller, who may sell their development rights for monetary gain or other financial considerations, as well as the buyer, who is able to use TDRs to gain more development potential than zoning would otherwise allow (i.e. greater building height, etc.).  The public at large also benefits from transactions of TDRs in the preservation of open space habitat areas, and historic sites.


The "History in the Making" Celebration

On July 11, 2016, community activists, stakeholders, and City of Tacoma and Pierce County officials gathered at 102 N. G Street to celebrate the first Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) transaction in Tacoma.

  • Notice of the First TDR Transaction in Tacoma Celebration (July 11, 2016)
  • This transaction represents the preservation of 20 of the 120-acre prime farmland preserved in perpetuity in Pierce County (Reise Farm) and the increase of 21 units to be added to the Stadium Apartments project in Tacoma.


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