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City of Tacoma Sustainability-Related Resolutions

Resolutions are non-binding  statements made by the Tacoma City Council. They are formal expressions of a particular position that are endorsed and signed by the Mayor. Though resolutions are not a law, they are a formal declaration of support from the City Council. Resolutions can be proposed by the Council, staff, or community interests and other stakeholders, including the Sustainable Tacoma Commission.

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Tacoma City Council Advocates for Sustainable Deconstruction and Salvage Efforts
Resolution No. 41385 has been passed on March 19th, 2024, directing the City Manager to explore options and costs for enhancing deconstruction and salvage efforts. This initiative aims to manage the expected increase in construction and demolition debris, promoting the reuse of building materials and reducing waste. Deconstruction, compared to demolition, offers benefits such as lower greenhouse gas emissions, job creation, and safer removal of hazardous materials. The resolution aligns with Tacoma’s goals to create a circular economy and expand the green job sector, while also preserving the city's historical architecture.
Strengthen the City’s Commitment to Decarbonization
In April 2021, City Council approved Resolution No. 40776, a commitment to reducing the City's municipal carbon footprint by restricting the use of natural gas and new fossil fuel for existing municipal buildings and future capital investments, encouraging other local jurisdictions to do the same, and assessing impacts for imposing the same restrictions on new commercial and residential construction. This resolution will go into effect January 1, 2022.


Climate Emergency
Resolution 40509, adopted in December 2019, declares the threats of climate change require immediate action to minimize harm to current and future generations, and therefore constitutes a public emergency.


Urban Forest Management Plan
Resolution 40492, adopted in December 2019, consolidates and clarifies City goals and policies to improve urban forest management. Learn more about the Urban Forest Management Plan at tacomatreeplan.org.


Green Roads Community

Tacoma became a “Green Roads Community" by adopting Resolution 38945 that aims for the City's roads and other infrastructure be models of environmental, economic, and social stewardship by setting community goals of sustainable design, construction, and maintenance. 


Sustainable Materials Management Plan

The City Council adopted Resolution 38907 in May 2014, reaffirming the goal of 70% waste diversion by 2028 and developing a Sustainable Materials Management Plan.


Green Events

Resolution 38906, adopted in May 2014, established the Green Events Program and its guidelines.


Green Building
The City Council passed Resolution 38249 requiring all new or renovated City facilities to strive for LEED Gold. Learn more about the City’s Green Buildings in the Green Living Guide.


Sustainable Purchasing

Resolution 38248, the Sustainable Purchasing Policy, was adopted in 2011 to affirm that the City seeks to do business with contractors and vendors who value our commitment to sustainability.


Life-Cycle Assessments

Resolution 38188 expresses the City’s support of life-cycle assessments and life-cycle thinking in its relevant legislation and management decisions. 


Defining Sustainability

The City's vision and definition of sustainability are described in Resolution 38247


Creating the Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability (OEPS)

Resolution 37631 was passed in 2008 to create the Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability and establish the Sustainable Tacoma Commission.


City of Tacoma Sustainability-Related Proclamations

Proclamations are prepared for organizations and/or their representatives in observance of a specific day, week, or month. Proclamations are prepared for non-profit organizations or in connection with a milestone anniversary of the founding of a business. Proclamations are not prepared in recognition of an individual.

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Earth Day

April 22 was declared to be Earth Day in Tacoma and has been recognized with a proclamation. Earth Day is meant to honor and celebrate the Earth while the proclamation represented Tacoma’s commitment to building a sustainable future together.

Bike Month

May was declared to be Bike Month in Tacoma and has been recognized with a proclamation each May.

Bike Month is meant to celebrate, promote, and support bikes and bicyclists in Tacoma.


Arbor Day and Green Tacoma Day

September 1 was proclaimed Arbor Day and Green Tacoma Day. These days urge all residents to become more involved in the protection and enhancement of one of our greatest assets, our urban forest.


National Food Day

October 24 was declared National Food Day in Tacoma. It has been recognized with a proclamation to express Tacoma’s commitment to a healthy, just, and less wasteful food system.


City of Tacoma Sustainability-Related Ordinances

An ordinance is a law passed by the City of Tacoma and they explain the subject matter of municipal law.

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Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance

On July 12, 2016 the Tacoma City Council passed the
Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) ordinance. The law regulates the use of carryout bags. More information can be found on the BYOB web page.


Backyard Chickens Ordinance

Chapter 5.30 of the Tacoma Municipal Code on Poultry and Pigeons explains all of the rules and limits on keeping chickens in Tacoma. Chickens are allowed within city limits, but all of the rules, limits, and requirements listed in Chapter 5.30 must be upheld.