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Standard Plans and GSI Typical Details

To view any the following files below, just click on the link to the PDF document. To save any of the documents, right-click on any "Filename" and select "Save Target As". 


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For individual plans, click on the subject tab on the left border. To search for a specific document(s), press [CTRL-F]. Enter the search for example: "Traffic". Press [NEXT] on the browser to find the next search.


The standard plans have been grouped by subject and are available on the following individual pages:

 General Notes (WOGN)
 Standard Drawings Borders (*.DWG)
 Design Reference Plans (DR)
 Pavement Design (PD)
 Street/Utility Plans (SU)
 Traffic Signal Plans (TS)
 Streetlight Plans (SL)
 Landscaping (LS)
 Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI)
 Green Stormwater Infrastructure Typical Details (GSI-TYP)
 Channelization (CH)
 Miscellaneous (MISC)
 District Specific Plans
 North Slope Historic District Plans (HD-NS)