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Park Avenue Diverter

Pilot Project to Calm Traffic on Park Avenue 

The City of Tacoma and south end Tacoma neighborhood groups have been working to address traffic safety in the neighborhood. Together, we are proposing a pilot project that will include various types of traffic calming devices that support the neighborhood.  


The goal of this effort is to reduce overall traffic speeds and improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility, in order to restore a sense of safety and community that the Park Avenue residents feel has been compromised as traffic volumes have increased over time.  A second goal is to increase neighborhood involvement and education to complement traffic calming features and enhance the overall community.


This is a pilot project and will serve as a model for future long-term temporary traffic calming alternatives.


What is a Traffic Diverter?

Traffic diverters are physical barriers installed at intersections that restrict motor vehicle traffic in selected directions. The diverter will be designed to block straight-ahead travel and force turns to the right or left. Bicyclists and pedestrians will continue to have access straight through. Emergency vehicles will be able to drive over or through the diverter in emergencies. As part of the pilot project, the diverter will consist primarily of curbing, paint, delineators, and signs.


Project to Take Place at South 78th Street and Park Ave.




S 78th St and Park Ave Traffic Calming examplesS 78th St and Park Ave Traffic Calming examples


Proposed design:


Proposed design for S 78th St and Park Ave traffic calming


What are the Impacts?

  • Improves safety for ALL users of the street, including pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Encourages slower motor vehicle traffic speeds approaching the intersection
  • Reduces conflicts with other vehicles
  • Reduces cut-through traffic and traffic volumes on the corridor
  • Presents an inconvenience to residents in gaining access to their properties
  • Restricts parking near the intersection to accommodate turning movements
  • Diverts through traffic to other streets if not back to the arterial


A traffic analysis was conducted in August 2021. Community feedback will be obtained during the design process. It is anticipated that the diverter would be installed in the Summer of 2022. A traffic analysis would be conducted in Fall 2022 to evaluate the effectiveness of the diverter.


More Information?

For more information or if you have questions, email VisionZero@cityoftacoma.org.


Traffic Analysis

85th Percentile Speeds and 24 HR Volume Recorded August 10, 2021


Traffic Analysis