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Bridge Industrial Project Quick FAQs

Bridge Industrial Project: Quick FAQs

March 21, 2024

The Bridge Industrial Project is a proposed development of roughly 150 acres on the former BNSF rail maintenance site in South Tacoma. The development will create about 2.5 million square feet of light industrial and warehouse space in four large buildings.


The land is currently undeveloped space that lies just south of the Nalley Valley industrial/ commercial zone between South Tyler Street and Sound Transit’s Sounder commuter rail line, and the land is zoned for industrial development.

Project developers first applied for permits in mid-2021, and the public review process began in early 2022. A permit decision on April 21, 2023 was appealed to the City’s Hearing Examiner, who upheld the decision on October 5, 2023, determining that the proposal was compliant and could proceed as long as multiple conditions were applied to the project.

Initial site work began in early March of 2024, including setting up erosion control and wetland protection, with grading, filling, utility installation, and paving work coming soon after.


map of Bridge Industrial project site

Project Status Update – March 2024
Bridge Industrial received initial site development permits the first week of March 2024. Construction work is visible now as crews perform early site work to do erosion control, delineate contaminated areas, set up protections for the wetlands, and secure the site.


  • Spring 2024: site preparation—grading and filling (depending on permit issuance schedule)
  •  Spring-Summer 2024: civil work—soil compaction, finished grading, utilities and paving. Civil work will take several months, and building foundation work may happen at the same time.
  • Summer/Fall 2024: Building construction begins.
  • Late 2025 (estimated): Planting work, including wetland restoration, will be in the last phases of construction.




 Will the City do additional permit reviews as construction proceeds?
Yes, the City of Tacoma is currently reviewing additional development permit applications from Bridge Industrial:


  • A north-south through road (with sidewalk) will connect through TPU property to South 35th Street.
  • The stream and biodiversity area on the site will be protected and restored as part of the project.

Prior to approval of development permits, the applicant was required to complete the associated environmental review in compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and complete a Critical Areas Permit related to the wetland and forested area on the western portion of the site. All permits are being reviewed in compliance with the associated Critical Areas Permit and Environmental Review.

What conditions did the City place on the permit for this project?
Based on information gathered in its SEPA review, the City placed conditions on the permit. These conditions must be related to the environmental impact of a project and meet the requirements of Washington state law. In this case, the City placed conditions on the permit relating to air quality and greenhouse gases; urban forestry and vegetation; environmental health; and traffic condition monitoring, intersection modifications, new signals, street connections and sections.

How do the traffic conditions work?
The site is designed so that big trucks are directed toward the north, to the closest access for SR16, and away from South 56th Street and South Tacoma Way. The site is also designed so that business parking stays on site, with spots for about 1,250 cars plus parking and storage for trucks and trailers.
The applicant is required to monitor the traffic generated by each tenant and then report back to the City as to how much of the “allowed” traffic is being used up. More detail on traffic can be found in the SEPA MDNS and the associated traffic impact analysis (TIA).

How will the groundwater on site be protected?
Any water that isn’t surface water will infiltrate into the groundwater—in other words, any runoff from the site that isn’t directed to the stream will seep into the soil and become groundwater. The stormwater system is designed to collect the runoff, filter it, and allow it to disperse back into the stream or into the ground.

Is the Council going to look at zoning in the South Tacoma Groundwater Protection (STGP) District?
Yes. To review future zoning in the South Tacoma Groundwater Protection (STGP) District, the Council has enacted a one-year district moratorium on certain industrial uses, including underground storage tanks, metal recycling and auto wrecking facilities. The moratorium was recently extended for an additional six months, expiring on September 20, 2024. Additionally, as a part of the Council’s STGP District zoning review, the City in collaboration with Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department will conduct a type of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) within the district.

Will community members have opportunities to engage in any part of the Council’s STGP District zoning review?
Yes. Community input has always informed the Council’s policy decisions. The Council is committed to incorporating community input and guidance on neighborhood planning and land use into the City’s long range planning. The Council’s STGP District zoning review focuses primarily on community outreach, and more details will be shared as they become available on the City’s website and other official platforms.


Want more info?

More detailed answers, links to resources, and additional topics are covered in depth on the City’s Bridge Industrial project webpage at cityoftacoma.org/bridgeindustrial.