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How can I get involved in LEAP?

LEAP is a mandatory program for contractors that bid City work. Contractors are required to employ city residents and/or Pierce County state-approved apprentices at a 15% rate in order to satisfy the LEAP requirements.  Job seekers interested in construction careers should see the topics below: pre-apprenticeship opportunities, training for trade, support services or job opportunities.  You can contact the organizations on this resource list for more information. Some provide training and support services that may lead to LEAP participation, while others can provide information on a specific trade.

Employment Opportunities

If you’re already a journey level worker, you can also contact any of these groups to find out what employment opportunities may be available. 

Tacoma Public Utilities Careers

Pierce County Building and Construction Trades Council
3049 South 36th Street, Suite 220
Tacoma, WA 98409
(253) 475-7441

Association of General Contractors
942 Pacific Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402
Tim Attebery 
(253) 272-7725

WorkSource Washington
The smart way to look for talent.
(888) 316-5627

Training for a Trade

Get more information about available pre-apprenticeship and training programs from these resources:


   Tacoma Public Utilities Apprenticeship Opportunities


Metropolitan Development Council
2338 Tacoma Avenue South
Tacoma, WA 98420
Cynthia Neubauer-Lee 
(253) 284-9017

Tacoma Training and Employment Program (TTEP)

City of Tacoma

Deborah Trevorrow

(253) 591-5590

Washington State Apprenticeship Council
Resources for those interested in exploring apprenticeships, employers and more.

Community and Technical Colleges
Information on all community and technical colleges in Washington.


Support Services

The following community-based organizations provide an array of employment and support services for people who meet certain eligibility guidelines:

Centro Latino
1208 South 10th Street
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 572-7717
Provides academic tutoring, GED preparation, English as a Second Language, work experience, vocational training and job placement services.

Tacoma Community House
1314 South L Street
Tacoma, WA 98415
(253) 383-3951
Provides mentoring, career exploration, internships, job shadowing, homework assistance, tutoring, post-secondary scholarships, summer pre-employment and English as a Second Language classes.

Tacoma Goodwill Industries
714 South 27th Street
Tacoma, WA 98409 
(253) 272-5166
Provides academic tutoring, mentoring, vocational services, English as a Second Language, work experience and job training and placement.