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Make a Splash Stormwater Project Funding

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Make a SplashThe City of Tacoma's Environmental Services Department awards up to $50,000 a year in environmental grants to help educate residents and protect and restore our surface water resources. A reimbursable maximum award amount up to $4,000 is open to anyone considering a project within Tacoma city limits.   Tie-ins with the Puget Sound regional stormwater pollution prevention campaign, Puget Sound Starts Here, are encouraged.


Projects should have a strong stormwater message, provide a stormwater benefit, and may be educational in nature. Projects should focus on preventing stormwater pollution and protecting or restoring clean surface water. This grant is not meant for projects focusing on water conservation or clean drinking water. Grants are open to anyone considering a project within Tacoma city limits.


Preference Will Be Given to Applications that:

  • Identify direct benefit to local waterways (rivers, stream, lakes, Commencement Bay, Puget Sound)
  • Target City of Tacoma residents
  • Are first time applicants
  • Implement a project within the City of Tacoma limits
  • Provide appropriate permissions/permits or letter of support (if applicable)
  • Provide a minimum of 10% match of cash, other grant dollars, volunteer time, materials, and/or professional services
  • Partner with multiple agencies
  • Show project readiness via implementation outline and a detailed budget


Ineligible Activities and Elements Include:

  • Mandated or required activities (such as permit requirements)
  • Projects located outside of the City limits
  • Construction labor
  • Electronics
  • Can be construed as a gift to an individual or organization


Project Ideas

  • Produce and implement water quality education programs within the community or classroom that conserve, protect and encourage behavioral change.
  • Become actively involved in stream or wetland restoration and protection.
  • Generate and distribute materials and supplies for community stewardship projects that educate citizens about protecting Tacoma’s water quality and water resources.
  • Adopt and complete projects that involve erosion control where surface waters are being affected.
  • Install and evaluate water quality Best Management Practices (including low-impact development) included in the City’s surface water manual.
  • Restore or protect streams and wetlands by planting vegetation, cleanups or educational field trips.
  • Radio or TV programs or public service announcements on environmental education or restoration.
  • Flood prevention efforts.

Projects may be completed in the classroom, in the community or at a business. They also may be located along Tacoma’s numerous streams, such as Puget Creek and Swan Creek; along marine shorelines, including Ruston Way or Titlow Beach; or adjacent to such wetlands as Delong Pond, and Snake Lake. Please note that permits may be required.

The Make a Splash program is supported by user fees from the City's surface water utility.