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Automated Traffic Safety Cameras

Between 2014 and 2018, there were approximately 17,000 collisions reported on Tacoma’s streets. Automated Traffic Safety Cameras, which include red-light running cameras, school speed zone cameras, and speed enforcement cameras, are just one of the ways the City of Tacoma is working to improve safety on our roadways and to supplement other programs such as Safe Routes to School.


This program directly supports the goals of Vision Zero to eliminate fatality and serious injury collisions. 


How the Program Works

The City evaluates traffic speeds and collisions within school zones, and red-light running at traffic signals, to determine which locations would benefit from the use of this tool.  At locations where cameras are installed, the system captures speed data, as well as real-time images of the vehicles at the time of the violation. The information from the system is forwarded to a City law enforcement officer for review.  Once the data has been reviewed and evaluated, typically a citation is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. In accordance with state law, infractions captured through automated photo enforcement cameras are not reported to the Department of Licensing. 

History and Relevant Information

Automated Enforcement has been approved in the City of Tacoma since 2007 and has been operating under Public Works since 2021. Currently, the City of Tacoma has nine red light cameras, four school zone speed cameras, and one automated speed camera at various locations across the city.


View the Most Recent Citation Report 

If you have received a notice of violation in the mail, and would like to review the information, please visit www.zerofatality.com.


Currently, the City of Tacoma contracts with NovoaGlobal for the systems, equipment, and software associated with the automated photo enforcement program.