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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Before and after picture of CPTED principlesCrime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) can help reduce the chance of criminal activity on your property. It provides guidelines for property owners to use to lower or prevent environmental factors from creating an opportunity for crime.


Does Your Property Have:

  • Secure fencing/barriers
  • Securely locked entry points for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Good visibility around entire perimeter of your property
  • Buildings, sheds and trailers locked
  • Entrances clear of shrubberies and items that reduce visibility
  • Clean structures - no graffiti
  • Bins, dumpsters, crates or other items moved away from the building
  • Sufficient and working lighting to eliminate shadows and increase visibility.
  • Surveillance cameras functional with clear view
  • Signs visible - no parking, no trespass, surveillance, hours of operation (commercial properties)
  • Commercial Buildings coated with anti-graffiti sealer
  • Commercial windows clean and uncovered

To get a complete CPTED assessment by the City of Tacoma, contact 311 or make a request online.