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Graffiti Cleanup

Graffiti is a Crime

It is costly and destructive and sends a message that the community is not concerned about the appearance of its neighborhoods. It generates neighborhood fear, causes instability, signals an increase in crime, lowers property values, hurts business revenue, is economically detrimental to the City, and is a sign of urban decay.

To report graffiti in progress call 911.

To report graffiti that needs to be cleaned up call (253) 591-5000 or 311 inside the City.

If you are a victim of graffiti please take the following steps:

  1. File a police report online or by calling (253) 287-4455
  2. Take picture of the graffiti (for homeowner's insurance and/or police report)
  3. Contact your homeowner's insurance agent (if you choose to file a claim)
  4. Remove the graffiti on your property by following instructions in the graffiti removal guide.

Graffiti Rapid Removal Program

The City is partnering with Goodbye Graffiti to provide graffiti removal services citywide at no cost to property owners, for up to three cleanups during 2021 and 2022. 


This program is intended to act as an additional tool for property owners and does not replace the code compliance process.  As a property owner, you are responsible to remove graffiti on your property. 


To sign-up for the program, please submit an online authorization or  mail or email us your authorization. 

Graffiti Removal
(253) 591-5000


To report graffiti

(253) 591-5000