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Adopt-A-Spot and Neighborhood Litter Patrol

Adopt-A-Spot Program 

The Adopt-A-Spot Program is a year-round partnership between the City and neighborhood groups, businesses and residents to help reduce litter and keep public spaces clean. 


The City will provide:

  • Gloves and high visibility vests 
  • Trash bags 
  • Hazardous waste collection materials
  • Refuse disposal 
  • A sign posted at or near the spot thanking you, your business or your organization for keeping Tacoma clean.

Volunteers will commit to:

  • Be safe during cleanups
  • Two cleanups per year
  • A two-year (or longer) participation in the program
  • Complete adopter report after each cleanup
How to Apply

The City of Tacoma appreciates the efforts of the community to keep spaces clean in the interest of public health and wellness. For more information on the Adopt-A-Spot program, call 311 or apply now using your TacomaFirst 311 account.


NOTE: The application is not mobile friendly. If you need help applying, please call.


Currently Adopted Spots



How to Plan for a Cleanup
  1. Organize your volunteer group. At your request, the program coordinator can customize a flyer for your event using our cleanup flyer template.
  2. Set cleanup date
  3. Follow Safety Guidelines
  4. Before the cleanup call 311 to arrange the pick-up of supplies and select your preferred disposal method:
  • Request Solid Waste picks up the bags near your spot
  • Add bags to your personal trash cans
  • Obtain a pass to drop off the bags from the cleanup for free at the Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center (3510 S. Mullen St.)

What To Do After A Cleanup

After the cleanup, call 311 and report:

  • Number of volunteers
  • Number of hours spent on cleanup
  • Number of bags collected
  • Any issues encountered (ex: illegal dumping, encampments)
  • Location of bags (if you would like Solid Waste to collect them)

Neighborhood Litter Patrol

The Neighborhood Litter Patrol is an opportunity for residents or community groups to partner with the City on one-time or sporadic clean-up of debris and garbage from their neighborhood rights-of-way or public spaces.


Residents can request materials and refuse disposal for this use from the Neighborhood Enhancement Team.  For more information, please call 311 or submit a request using your TacomaFirst 311 account.





Contact Us

Call 311 (within Tacoma city limits)
or (253) 591-5000