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Recycling Games and Activities

Help turn old things into new things by learning how to Recycle Right – it's easy!  

Click and Play “Sort the Sound”, Tacoma’s Waste Sorting Game 
Put your recycling skills to the test with Tacoma’s exciting waste sorting game. Winners will be able to build a virtual park with local animals, slides, plants, aliens and more! Click the photo or here to play. Recommended for all ages and available to play in six languages.  


Sort the Sound Game


Tacoma Recycles Right Activity Book  
Help Scout the Squirrel learn how to reduce waste and Recycle Right! This full color book includes sorting, matching and word search games, as well as writing prompts and a pledge to Recycle Right. Click the photo or here to download the activity book. Recommended for ages 5 through 11.  


Tacoma Recycles Right Activity Book    Children Playing with Tacoma Recycles Right Activity Book


Learn how Tacoma’s Solid Waste Utility and recycling system really works with “Ask the EnviroChallengers”. Visit EnviroChallenger.com for more environmental videos, games, activities and lessons.