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Report A Crime

How to Report a Crime

The Tacoma Police Department makes public safety a priority. To best serve Tacoma residents, we ask that crimes be reported accurately and through the correct process. This allows us to meet community needs and respond quickly to life-safety issues.

Retain your incident number to reference any additional follow ups. 

If you need to add or change information already reported, update an active case, or report a stolen vehicle recovered, please contact the non-emergency number at (253) 287-4455.  Please have your 10-digit case number for reference. 

The police department staff cannot update active and/or previously reported incidents.  

Please use this chart to determine the type of issue you need to report and how to report it:

Type of Issue   What to Do 
Crime Now in Progress  Call 911 
Crime Not Now in Progress  Call the Non-Emergency Line at (253) 287-4455 

Crime Not Now in Progress Regarding:

  • Lost Property
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle Prowl


Report Online 


 Call the Non-Emergency Line at (253) 287-4455 

Nuisance Issues, Such As:

  • Animal Issues
  • Suspected Drug House
  • People Sleeping on Public Property
  • Other


Report Online 


 Call TacomaFIRST 311 at (253) 591-5000