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Lincoln Streetscape


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Lincoln District Streetscape

The Lincoln District Streetscape is the cornerstone of the Lincoln Revitalization Project. Key features of the streetscape include a neighborhood entryway, and roadway, sidewalk and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. These upgrades are planned along the stretch of South 38th Street from South J Street to South Fawcett Avenue, which serves as the primary corridor of the Lincoln Business District and Mixed Use Center. There is also a public art component to provide distinctive gateway attractions.

Project Overview Map

Project Revitalization Area View

Cross Section View

Yakima Avenue Concept Plan


Project Updates


Phase 1

Phase 1, including work along S. 38th Street from S. J Street to S. Fawcett Avenue, and along S. G Street and S. Yakima Avenue, between S. 37th and S. 38th streets is now complete.  


Phase 2


Phase 2 

Phase 2 includes work along S. Yakima Avenue from S. 38th to S. 39th Streets. This involves construction of a new streetscape (new sidewalks, landscaping, artwork, street lighting, etc.), similar to what has been constructed along S. 38th St., replacement and upgrading of utilities, removal of asphalt pavement, construction of new colored concrete pavement, and the installation of festival type lighting in the mid-block area.


Work started the week of July 23, 2019, and will continue into September/October 2019.  The majority of the improvements are now complete, with the exception of the festival lighting.  Completion of the lighting system is pending the arrival of some long-lead electrical components.  


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Streetscape Work Scheduled for July 2017 - September/October 2019

Lincoln Streetscape Schedule

Phase 1: Consists of South 38th Street from South J Street to South Fawcett Avenue, including South G Street and South Yakima Avenue from South 37th to South 38th streets.


Phase 2: Consists of South Yakima Avenue from South 38th to South 39th streets.

Task (Phase 1 and 2)

Estimated Timeline

Phase 1:


Phase 2:



July 2018-September/October 2019 

Lincoln Streetscape Funding



General Fund


Bond Funding


Environmental Services (Phase 1 only)


Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) Funds


Streets Initiative Funding


WA State Transportation Improvement Board Grant


Tacoma Water (Phase 1 only)


TPU Power Rebate/Street Light Contribution


Total Project Budget


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Mark D’Andrea

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