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Hearing Examiner Decisions

2024 Decisions

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2023 Decisions



Date Issued Case Name Link to Decision
12/20/2023 Regina Husbands Husbands Decision and Order
11/27/2023 Jeff B. Downing Downing Order
10/19/2023 Michael Elliott Elliott Decision
10/9/2023 Ficalora Investments d/b/a Steamy Shots Espresso Ficalora Order
10/5/2023 350 Tacoma; South Tacoma Neighborhood Council 350 Tacoma; STNC Decision
10/04/2023 Ayden Osmotherly Osmotherly Order
9/25/2023 Harry Franqui

Franqui Decision

9/22/2023 Miranda Wright Wright Decision
9/14/2023 Carl Wilson Wilson Decision
9/6/2023 Toni McIntosh McIntosh Decision
8/23/2023 Ian Johnson d/b/a MANdustrial Johnson Decision
8/8/2023 Terri Schuller Schuller Decision
7/31/2023 American Guaranteed Roofing & Construction, Inc.
AGR&C Order
7/14/2023 M&M Massage, LLC
M&M Massage, LLC Decision
6/7/2023 Local Improvement District 8640 - Final Assessment LID 8640 Recommendation
5/30/2023 Northwest Century Group, Inc. d/b/a Goddess Spa
NW Century Group, Inc. Order
5/26/2023 Mark Thomas Thomas Order
5/23/2023 Timothy Baerg Baerg Decision
5/9/2023 No 1 Massage LLC No 1 Massage Decision
4/11/2023 Tacoma School District No. 10 TSD No. 10 Recommendation
3/28/2023 Robert Miller Miller Decision
2/21/2023 SoHo Properties Inc. d/b/a Soho Properties 2 Inc. SoHo Properties Inc. Recommendation
2/14/2023 Allenmore East Homeowners Association Allenmore East Homeowners SJ Decision 
2/6/2023  Bridge Point Tacoma, LLC Bridge Point Tacoma Recommendations (SV142.1432 & 142.1442)
1/24/2023 MultiCare Health System  MultiCare Health System Recommendation
1/17/2023 Grand Tacoma Terrace LLC (4015 S Fife St) Grand Tacoma Terrace LLC Decision and Order
1/4/2023 Stanford Opdyke (3806 N Gove St) Opdyke Decision

2022 Decisions

Date Issued Case Name Link to Decision
12/28/2022 Royal Construction Group, LLC Royal Construction Recommendation & Decision
11/21/2022 LBA LVF VII-Company XXIII, LLC
LBA LVF VII Recommendation
11/21/2022 Suzanne Dye Dye Amended Order
M&A Investments Three, LLC
M&A Investments Recommendation
Hwan Joon Kim
Kwan Decision and Order
11/02/2022 Suzanne Dye Dye Order
10/28/2022  Christopher C. Jones Jones Order
Cornus House LLC
Cornus House Recommendation
8/29/2022 Matt Shrader and Karen Fierro  Shrader and Fierro Recommendation
8/22/2022 Carla Moreno Montgomery; Ana Y. Celestino-Valdonvinos Moreno; Celestino Recommendation
8/1/2022 Ark Project LLC Ark Project LLC Recommendation 
6/14/2022  CR Woodmark Communities, LLC  CR Woodmark Communities Decision Order
5/20/2022  Connie and Matt McLane McLane Decision
3/21/2022 Fawcett Avenue Owner, LLC Fawcett Ave Owner Recommendation
2/16/2022 Aaron Beckord  Beckord Recommendation
2/9/2022 Luke and Emily Strom Strom Order


2021 Decisions

 Date Issued  Case Name Link to Decision
 12/22/2021 Kishia Mitchell; Tracey McFadden Mitchell and McFadden Decision and Order
11/5/2021 Ian Johnson d/b/a Mandustrial Johnson/Mandustrial Decision
10/18/23  Micheal Brown Micheal Brown Amendment to Order
9/29/2021 Trung Do's Goldsmith Services, Inc. Trung Do's Recommendation
9/20/2021 John Topliff  Topliff Reconsideration Order
9/3/2021 Micheal Brown Micheal Brown Decision and Order
8/31/2021  John Topliff Topliff Decision and Order
8/23/2021 Paul and Deidra Miller Paul and Deidra Miller Recommendation
8/16/2021 Bruce and Dixie Arneklev; John Gibson  Arneklev; Gibson Recommendation
7/26/2021 Margaret Wingerter Wingerter Order and Decision
7/16/2021 LID 7732 (Formation) LID 7732 Formation Recommendation 
6/16/2021  Tyler Scott  Scott Order
4/16/2021 Stevens Canyon LLC Stevens Canyon LLC Decision
4/9/2021 Jay A. Skinner  Skinner Decision and Order
3/23/2021 6902 6th Ave LLP 6902 6th Ave LLP Recommendation
3/22/2021 Fibro Corporation Fibro Corp Decision 
3/10/2021  Royal Construction Group, LLC  Royal Construction Recommendation
3/3/2021 True Vine Senior Citizens Center True Vine Recommendation
2/23/2021 1402 Tacoma LLC  1402 Tacoma LLC Recommendation
1/28/2021 Chandler Investment I, LLC Chandler Investment I Recommendation

2020 Decisions

Date Issued  Case Name Link to Decision
12/16/2020 Andrew Ravelo Ravelo Order
9/8/2020 Jazmine Carter Carter Removal Conditions Order
8/24/2020 Jazmine Carter Carter Reconsideration Decision and Order
8/10/2020 John Kloster Kloster Order
8/7/2020 Jazmine Carter Carter Order
8/4/2020 Jolena Garman Garman Order
7/13/2020 Aldoren Kauzlarich Kauzlarich Order
7/9/2020 Allen A.M.E. Church of Tacoma Allen A.M.E. Church of Tacoma Order
6/12/2020 Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC  Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC Order 
6/8/2020 David and Carissa Carnahan Carnahan Order
5/7/2020 Andrea Huerta Huerta Dismissal Order
5/6/2020 Michael Brown Brown Order
4/22/2020 Frankie R. Swaim Swaim Order
4/14/2020 Sound Inpatient Physicians, Inc. Sound Inpatient Physicians, Inc. Order
3/10/2020 Russ Ratliff Ratliff Order
2/5/2020  Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma Metro Park Dist. of Tacoma Recommendation
1/30/2020 Rush Development Company, Inc. Rush Development Co., Inc. Recommendation 
1/22/2020 1351 Fawcett LLC 1351 Fawcett LLC Recommendation
1/16/2020 Steve and Darlene Guiberson  Guiberson Recommendation
 1/14/2020 Claire and Gabriel Van Guse Van Guse Recommendation

2019 Decisions

Decision Date
 Case Name  Link to Decision
1/21/2020 Northwest Vintage Homes, LLC Errata, p. 4, Northwest Vintage Homes, LLC
12/31/2019 Northwest Vintage Homes, LLC Northwest Vintage Homes, LLC Recommendation
12/30/2019 4501 6th Avenue, LLC 4501 6h Ave, LLC
12/18/2019 Graham and Julie Tash Tash Decision
12/5/2019 Verizon Wireless (LDC,Inc.) Verizon Wireless (LDC, Inc.) Order
11/18/1019 John and Miyon Kautz Kautz Recommendation
10/8/2019 Local Improvement District No. 7731 LID No. 7731 Decision on Reconsideration
9/12/2019 Tacoma Life Properties, LLC Tac Life Props, LLC Corrected Recommendation
9/12/2019 Tacoma Life Properties, LLC Tac Life Props, LLC Corrected Decision
9/10/2019 North American Asset Management Group, LLC No. American Asset Mgmt Group, LLC Recommendation
9/5/2019 Jose L. Rodriguez Rodriguez Order
8/23/2019 Northwest Vintage Homes LLC NW Vintage Homes LLC Decision
8/20/2029 Local Improvement District No. 7731 LID No. 7731 Formation Recommendation
7/30/2019 Vladmir Kubay aka Vloudimir Kubay Kubay Decision 
7/23/2019 Karena Kirkendoll  Kirkendoll Decision
5/22/2029 Greenwood Property Management LLC Greenwood Prop. Mgmt. LLC Recommendation
5/16/2029 The University of Puget Sound UPS Recommendation
5/13/2019 Kyle A. Kendig  Kendig Decision
5/3/2019 Hannah E. Inskeep Inskeep Decision and Order
4/18/2-19 Andrew J. Porrini Porrini Decision
4/2/2019 Lentz Properties LLC Lentz Properties LLC Recommendation
3/8/2019 Kyle R. Ward Ward Order

2018 Decisions

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2017 Decisions

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