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Other License Information

Business License Fees

All businesses operating in Tacoma are required to pay an annual business license fee based on gross income of the business.  In addition, some business activities require a City inspection prior to the activity occurring, which requires an additional license application and fee.   


Monitored Alarms

Tacoma Municipal Code 6B.40 requires any business that monitors alarms located within the City of Tacoma to obtain a Monitored Alarm Device License for each alarm system in Tacoma.


False Alarms

False Alarm fees are assessed on the Alarm Monitoring Company.  If you receive an invoice from your Alarm Company for a False Alarm, contact the Alarm Company directly with any questions, comments or concerns.  The Alarm company will, if necessary, contact the City on your behalf regarding the circumstances of the false alarm.   


Washington State Office of Regulatory Assistance

This office was specifically created to help companies and people navigate the complex environmental permitting and licensing required by local cities, counties, state and federal agencies.  The Office of Regulatory Assistance also provides small business assistance and works to improve the regulatory process. Visit the Office of Regulatory Assistance for more information or call (800) 917-0043. For business licensing assistance visit the Washington State website.


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