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District 1 Community Newsletter Archives

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2021 Newsletters


July 2021

Topics include local community spots, hybrid Council meetings, The Mailbag!, Home in Tacoma, Affordable Housing in Tacoma, Restoration of Services, National League of Cities, Touring the Main Library, getting involved with Boards and Commissions and Resources for COVID-19.


June 2021

Topics include local community offerings, the illegal fireworks fine, Touring the Transfer Center, Post-COVID Clean Up, Tacoma Public Library, Proposed Changed to the MFTE, Home in Tacoma, and Resources for COVID-19.


May 2021

Topics include Litter 253, Tacoma Arts Commission, Recycling in Tacoma, Home in Tacoma, and Resources for COVID-19.


April 2021 

Topics include Litter 253, Home in Tacoma, Affordable housing sales tax, Government Performance and Finance Committee, the 2021 state legislative session, and the Zoo Trek Authority.


March 2021

Topics include the American Rescue Plan Act, Home in Tacoma, certificate of municipal leadership, Congressional City Summit with the National League of Cities, exhibitions of speed ordinance, and rental and utility assistance. 


February 2021

Topics include inclement weather, glass recycling, Crossing Division podcast, Citizen Tacoma podcast, rail crossing improvements, and Home in Tacoma. 


January 2021

Topics include public safety, 2021 Committee assignments, Neighborhood Council meetings, 6th and Orchard TEMS site, glass recycling locations, Litter Free 253, public art, and the Home In Tacoma project.


2020 Newsletters


August 2020

Topics include COVID-19, Police Transformation, and 2021-2022 Budget Development. 


September 2020

Topics include Connecting with your Council Member, Neighborhood BBQs, COVID-19, Police Transformation, and 2021-2022 Budget Development.


October 2020
Topics include Neighborhood Cleanups, Drone Education, 6th and Orchard TEMS Site, COVID-19, Police Transformation, and 2021-2022 Budget Development. 

November 2020

Topics include Tacoma Public Library, 6th an Orchard TEMS Site, amendments to the 2020 comprehensive plan, drone education, COVID-19, Police Transformation, and 2021-2022 Budget Development. 


December 2020

Topics include the 2021-2022 biennial budget, Celebrate Tacoma, Tacoma Public Library to Go!, amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Police Transformation, 6th and Orchard TEMS site, Home In Tacoma project, and COVID-19 resources.