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Tacoma Employees' Retirement System

The Tacoma Employees' Retirement System (TERS) is a defined benefit plan covering employees of the City of Tacoma and other Member Public Agencies. It is funded by employee and employer contributions, as well as investment returns.


An Update for Our Valued Members and Retirees


Please be informed that the TERS office will now require a scheduled appointment for in-person meetings.

Walk-in visits are prohibited


We kindly request you to schedule your appointments in advance by contacting our Retirement Specialist either by phone or email provided below. Meetings can be completed either by scheduled in-person appointments, by phone, Teams or Zoom for your convenience. 

Please contact us to schedule your appointment. We look forward to assisting you.  


Phone Customer Support
  • (253) 502-8200 (for all TERS members and TERS retirees; with an option to leave voicemail)
  • (888) 404-3787 (toll-free for all members and retirees; with an option to leave voicemail)
  • (253) 502-8700 (for LEOFF 1 members only; with an option to leave voicemail)

Voicemail Tip: When leaving a voicemail, please provide a brief, high level description of your needs to ensure your call is routed to the most appropriate staff member and be sure to leave your full name and phone number with area code. 

Email Customer Support

In accordance with information security best practices, please do not leave your social security number or bank information on voicemails or emails.