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Urban Forestry

Champion Elm, Wright Park

Urban Forestry - The Trees of Tacoma


About our Urban Forest 

The Urban Forestry Program is part of the Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability. Caring for Tacoma's urban forest an important part of growing a sustainable, healthy, and vibrant city.


Tacoma's Urban Forest Management Plan

Trees along streets, in parks, open spaces, backyards, and across the city provide many benefits and make up Tacoma's "urban forest". Tacoma's urban forest is a valuable asset that (if properly maintained) will continue to add to the health of our community for generations to come. We are all under "One Canopy" and benefit from the proper care and enhancement of the trees in Tacoma.

To support this goal, The City of Tacoma has developed an Urban Forest Management Plan which creates a shared vision and road map for the trees in Tacoma. Visit the Urban Forest Management Plan website to learn more:


Urban Forest Management Plan Website



Updates to Tacoma Municipal Code regarding public trees

On December 12, 2023, Tacoma City Council voted to update Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) regarding "pulbic trees", including street trees and trees on City-owned lands. Ordinance 28926 consolidates three TMC Chapters regulating tree removal, pruning, and planting in the right-of-way into one Title, “TMC 9.20 Urban Forestry”.  New permitting requirements will go into effect on June 1st, 2024, and include consistency with industry standards and implementation of adopted City policies. Learn more about the adopted TMC 9.20 Urban Forestry.



Help Grow Tacoma's Urban Forest 

The goal of the Urban Forestry Program is to increase the tree canopy cover from approximately 20 percent (based on a 2018 analysis) to 30 percent in 2030. This will be achieved by planting trees with help from partner organizations and community members and by preserving existing healthy trees.


For information on the benefits of trees in cities, please read the "Outside Our Doors" report from The Nature Conservancy.  See below for ways to get involved with helping to grow Tacoma's urban forest:


Grit City Trees

We can cultivate a better Tacoma – together. We recognize that our community needs to find ways to connect and invest in our wellbeing, our neighborhoods, and our community.  Adding more trees to neighborhoods is proven to help keep places cool during the hottest days, manage stormwater runoff, slow neighborhood traffic, provide mental health benefits, and so much more.  Apply today for free street trees.  Follow the link above for the application. 


Tree Coupon Program

Tree Coupons are available each year from October 1 through March 31. These coupons can be redeemed for $30 off per tree purchased (up to three trees) at local participating nurseries.


Community Tree Program

Equitable, community-focused urban forestry partnership between the City’s Urban Forestry Program and the Tacoma Tree Foundation. This Program aims to enhance community engagement, education, growth, and stewardship of Tacoma’s urban forest by reducing barriers and expanding programming to underserved and overburdened neighborhoods throughout Tacoma.


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