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Tacoma Management Fellowship

About the Tacoma Management Fellowship Program

The Tacoma Management Fellowship is a nationally recognized program that has been developing municipal leaders since 2006. The Tacoma Management Fellowship is an exciting two-year full-time opportunity designed to attract, develop and retain talented individuals with an interest in a local government management career. This program gives selected participants the opportunity to observe firsthand the efforts of a mid-sized city government working to resolve some of its most pressing issues. Our program is unparalleled in terms of the opportunities participants will have to meet and network with executives and managers. Successful participants are often recruited by departments to fill available city jobs, and many of our top-level staff began their career with the city in this program.

Fellows are given a challenging workload which includes weekly meetings with department directors, meaningful projects, interaction with Council Members and the City Manager, and opportunities for professional development. Fellows are given the opportunity to work rotations in different departments, both internal and operational, to gain a holistic view of the workings of the City. 

The Tacoma Management Fellowship is recognized by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) as a Local Government Management Fellowship. The program offers an ideal opportunity for emerging professionals seeking to equip themselves with the skills needed to become effective managers in local government.

Position Overview

  • Interact with the City Manager, Executive Staff, Mayor, and Council Members
  • Coordinate Council Standing Committees and Citizen Commissions
  • Serve as a liaison to several Neighborhood Councils and Community Organizations
  • Research policy matters
  • Implement and Evaluate New Programs

Position Opportunities

  • Valuable mentor opportunities with City Leadership
  • Citizen engagement Opportunities
  • Challenging responsibilities across the Organization
  • Exciting projects and leadership opportunities
  • Excellent Health and Retirement benefits
  • Top-Tier Training and Professional Development
  • Attendance at the ICMA Annual Conference and other Travel and Training Opportunities

Candidate Evaluation Process

Minimum Qualifications
Human Resources and the City Manager's Office staff will evaluate your resume and application to ensure that you meet minimum qualifications.  For the Management Fellow position, minimum qualifications include coursework completed for a Master's degree in public administration or public policy. You are eligible to apply if you still need to complete an internship, capstone, thesis, or comprehensive exam. 

Online City of Tacoma Job Application/Supplemental Questions
In addition to submitting the online job application, applicants must complete/provide:
  • Supplemental questions
  • Essay questions
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
Eligibility List
The supplemental questions allow the City to establish an eligibility list. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will have their supplemental questionnaire scored.  All candidates that score above 70% on the test will be included on the eligibility list.  Only candidates included on the eligibility list may be selected for the position.


A separate interview will review the eligible candidates' applications and materials. If eligible, you may be contacted to schedule a phone or video interview.



Interview finalists will be invited to prepare and deliver a presentation to the executive management team on a prompt related to current issues in the City of Tacoma. Finalists are invited to present at the Municipal Building or present via video conferencing. 

 If you have any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact the current Management Fellows.