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Source Control and Stormwater Monitoring Report

Thea Foss and Wheeler-Osgood Waterways

  • Prepared for Washington State Department of Ecology and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Prepared by City of Tacoma
  • March 2023



2022 Source Control and Water Year 2022 Stormwater Monitoring Report


Appendix A - Drain-by-Drain Analysis of Source Control Activities
Appendix B - Data Validation Report - Water Year 2022
Appendix C - Supporting Field and Hydrologic Data
Appendix D - Analytical Data for Stormwater and Storm Sediment
Appendix E - Statistical Summary of Stormwater and Baseflow Data
Appendix F - Drain-by-Drain Box Plots of Stormwater and Storm Sediment Data
Appendix G - Year-by-Year Box Plots of Stormwater Data
Appendix H - Seasonal Box Plots of Stormwater Data