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Green Event & ES Event Support

In an effort to further the sustainability vision of the community, the Green Event Program (with optional Environmental Services (ES) Event Support) helps events have a more sustainable impact on the environment and Tacoma community. Participating events take extra care to ensure their event is more sustainable by incorporating green initiatives like providing bike racks and recycling, using 30-100% recycled content paper, donating excess food, and more.

The City of Tacoma supports community activities that protect, enhance, or restore Tacoma's environment. All events within Tacoma city limits may apply for Green Event certification and ES Event Support for material goods or in-kind services, such as garbage, recycling and portable toilets. To receive ES Event Support (previously Environmental Services Sponsorship), events must be not for profit and achieve Green Excellence status. All materials will be provided within availability. 

Green Event Participation Criteria


Large-scale events (more than 2,000 participants) that meet the below criteria must achieve Green Excellence certification.


Medium-scale events (1,000 - 2,000 participants) that meet the below criteria much achieve Green Merit certification:

  • Events using contributions from the City (monetary or in-kind)
  • Events on City property or using right of way permits
  • Events providing food, beverage, and/or giveaways (vendor-related)

Small-scale events (less than 1,000 participants) are encouraged to apply but may not be required to achieve certification.


All City hosted events are required to participate.


ES Event Support Criteria


To apply for optional ES Event Support, the following criteria must be met:

  • Achieve Green Excellence certification
  • Be located in and/or have the event take place within Tacoma city limits (may be waived at the discretion of ES and the Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability (OEPS))
  • Be a not-for-profit organization
  • Not charge the public for services, materials or goods specifically provided by ES or OEPS

Events receiving ES Event Support must also provide:

  • Recognition for the City of Tacoma Environmental Services in printed or promotional material; recognition at the event; media coverage or other forms of branding opportunities
  • Opportunities for environmental programs promoting environmental education on the broad topics of wastewater, surface water and solid waste management
  • Opportunities for Environmental Services to dispense information or messages that are related to Environmental Services products and services

Ineligible activities and elements include:

  • Political campaigns/parties, or groups that discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, sexual orientation or national origin
  • Result in private benefit to any Environmental Services employee or any other individual or organization

ES Event Support is funded by the three utilities: Surface Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste.


Learn more about the Green Event Program application process.