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Planning and Development Services

Our Mission

Partner with the community to build a livable, sustainable and safe City by providing strategic, timely, predictable, cost effective planning and development services with a culture focused on community engagement, customer service, creativity, accountability and continuous improvement.

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We guide community growth and development in a manner that protects environmental resources, enhances quality of life, promotes distinctive neighborhoods and a vibrant downtown, and involves citizens in the decisions that affect them.

Development Services development with crane

We provide pre-development consultations, plan reviews, permitting and inspections for residential, commercial, industrial, and site related development. We also process multiple types of land use permits for future development.

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Historic Preservation

historic buildings on street

We provide support to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which oversees design review for alterations to City Landmarks and building within historic districts, maintains the Tacoma Register of Historic Places, and reviews and approves financial incentives for projects involving historic buildings.


Projects of Interest

Stadium Apartments – 102 North G Street

The Stadium Apartment plans are under review to allow construction of a new seven-story, 235,000 square residential building with three-stories of underground parking.  The site is located in the New Tacoma Neighborhood.


To view the current status of the plan review, please visit Accela and search record number BLDCN16-0050

Point Ruston, Building 3A – 4961 Main Street

The Point Ruston, Building 3A, plans have been issued to allow construction of a new mixed-use building at Point Ruston.  This building will accommodate 94 apartments, 44 condominiums, approximately 14,500 square feet of commercial space and 273 parking spaces.  This site is located in the North End Neighborhood.


To view the current status of inspections, please visit Accela and search record number BLDCN16-0090


The Final Supplemental Evironmental Impact Statement for the Point Ruston Master Plan is available here.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium – 5715 North Animal Loop Road

The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium permits have been approved to allow construction of a new three-story, 35,000 square foot aquarium building at Point Defiance Zoo.  This site is located in the North End Neighborhood.

Tacoma School District, Environmental Learning Center (SAMi) – 5502 Five Mile Drive

The Tacoma School District’s Environmental Learning Center has had permits issued to allow the construction of a new Environmental Learning Center, featuring eight SAMi classrooms, inside the Point Defiance Zoo. This site is located in the North End Neighborhood.

Proctor South – 3911 North 25th Street

The Proctor South plans, as well as potential environmental impacts, are under review to allow construction of a six-story, mixed-use building.  The building will include 136 dwelling units, 7,700 square feet of commercial space, and 141 parking spaces.  The site is located in the North End Neighborhood.


To view the current status of the plan review, please visit Accela and search record number BLDCN16-0102 & BLDCN16-0113

Amtrak at Freighthouse Square – 418 East 25th Street

The Amtrak at Freighthouse Square plans have been issued to allow demolition of 180 feet of Freighthouse Square and reconstruction of a new Amtrak Cascade Station.  A new passenger platform will be built on the south side of the tracks to allow loading and unloading on both tracks. The site is located in the New Tacoma Neighborhood.

  • East 25th Street Project:  As part of the Amtrak relocation project, East 25th Street will be converted to a one-way street.  A traffic study was completed and the end result will be an enhanced landscaped East 25th Street with widened sidewalks for pedestrians.

  • Tacoma Trestle Project: Construction is underway for replacement of the existing Sound Transit wooden trestle.  The one track wooden trestle will be replaced with a concrete dual track trestle.

To view the current status of inspections, please visit Accela and search record number 40000254596.

McMenamins at Elks – 565 Broadway

The McMenamins at Elks plan review is underway for minor revisions to permits issued in February 2015. The revisions relate to a remodel of the old Elks Building, into a mixed-use building including a restaurant and brew pub.  This site is located in the New Tacoma Neighborhood.


To view the current status of the plan review, please visit Accela and search record number 40000156864

Future Land Use Implementation and Area-Wide Rezones


Land use map

The Future Land Use Map (FLUM) of  the
Plan provides a basis for applying zoning districts and for making land use decisions. This project will implement the land use designations through appropriate area-wide rezones to achieve consistency with the Future Land Use Map and better achieve the goals of the One Tacoma Plan. To view properties subject to this review, see our FLUM implementation map.

Current Status: Part of the Planning Services 2017-18 Work Program.  For additional information, please contact, Stephen Atkinson, Senior Planner, via email 

Residential Infill Pilot Program

Residential Infill

The purpose of the Infill Pilot Program is to promote innovative residential infill development types, while ensuring that such development demonstrates high quality building and site design that is responsive to and harmonious with neighborhood patterns and character.

Status: The Handbook has been published and the City is now accepting statements of interest for this program.

For more information, visit the Residential Infill Pilot Program webpage or contact Lauren Flemister, Senior Planner, via email. 

Tacoma Mall Neighborhood Subarea Plan

Tacoma Mall Neighborhood

The 485-acre Tacoma Mall Subarea is important to people who live, work and shop in the area, and also in multiple ways to the City of Tacoma and the Puget Sound region as a whole.  This effort seeks to develop and promote a vision for positive growth and change within the Subarea. 


Status: Draft subarea plan and EIS are under development.


For more information, visit the Tacoma Mall Neighborhood website or contact, Elliott Barnett, Associate Planner, via email

Joint Land Use Study – Joint-Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)


This project will evaluate the findings and recommendations of the Joint Land Use Study for Joint-Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and evaluate strategies for addressing compatibility with the airport.


Status: Land Use Compatibility Analysis is underway.


For more information, visit the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Joint Land Use Study website, or contact Lauren Flemister, Senior Planner, via email

Links to Opportunity

Links to Opportunity Area Map (click to enlarge)


The Links to Opportunity Program is a two-part effort to improve social and economic opportunity through planning for multi-modal mobility and economic development in communities along the Tacoma Link Expansion corridor.  This is a $2.5 million project funded by the Federal Transit Administration and City matching funds.


Status: In June 2017, a new Links to Opportunity office was opened on South 11th Street so the public can come and learn more about the project. 


For more information, visit the Links to Opportunity web page or Sound Transit's Tacoma Link Expansion web page.

Unified Development Code

unified code logo

Currently, the City of Tacoma is addressing the ease, simplicity and predictability of its permitting process. To that end, the Planning and Development Services Department is initiating the creation of a Unified Development Code (UDC).


The UDC will help by streamlining and consolidating the development codes, permits and processes into a single, more user-friendly document. The finished document will include all development-related regulations.  The UDC will provide a predictable, customer service-oriented process allowing for increased economic development and investment.


Current Status: Draft development and code reorganization is underway.


For more information please visit the Unified Development Code webpage

PSE Proposed Tideflats LNG Facility

For more information about the PSE Proposed Tideflats LNG Facility project, please visit the project's website.

Proposed Surface Mining Project

RB Engineering, on behalf of property owner Terra5, has requested a surface mining Conditional Use Permit to remove approximately 400,000 cubic yards of sand and gravel from a 17-acre site located at 2503 Marine View Drive. The site has been mined intermittently since the 1950s.


For more information, visit the Proposed Surface Mining Project webpage.

Elan Apartments Height Variance – St Helens

For information about the Elan Apartments work, view the City's revised public notice which includes the Zoning Height Variance Application for the project.


You can also listen to the February 9, 2017 public meeting for additional information.

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