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At Home In Tacoma: AHAS Planning Actions


Get Involved in the Discussion About Housing

Provide comments on the Planning Commission’s proposed Project Scope.


Public Scoping Hearing Notice 

Ways to Participate:

  • Comment in person at the Planning Commission public scoping hearing on February 19, 2020 at 5:30 PM in the Tacoma City Council Chambers (747 Market Street, First Floor)
  • Provide written comments by February 28, 2020 to Planning Commission, 747 Market St., Room 345, Tacoma, WA 98402
  • Email comments and questions to: planning@cityoftacoma.org
  • Sign up to receive project updates by emailing planning@cityoftacoma.org

At Home In Tacoma 

As part of the City’s Affordable Housing Action Strategy, we are launching the At Home In Tacoma project to evaluate diverse housing types and inclusionary zoning options throughout Tacoma. The intent is to increase housing supply, create affordable housing options, and increase the choice of housing types throughout our neighborhoods.


Through 2020, Tacoma’s Planning Commission is asking the community to join in a discussion about housing needs, development trends, zoning, and neighborhood change. Using community ideas and feedback, the Commission will make recommendations to the City Council for future Comprehensive Plan, Zoning, and Land Use Regulatory Code amendments.



Tacoma's Affordable Housing Action Strategy

Tacoma's Affordable Housing Action Strategy (AHAS) calls for a range of actions to address housing challenges.  AHAS Objective 1 sets a citywide target to create 6,000 new affordable housing units in ten years.  The Planning Commission and Planning and Development Services Department area implementing multiple ongoing initiatives and evaluating additional potential initiatives to achieve this target, including AHAS Action 1.2 Inclusionary Zoning and AHAS Action 1.8 Diverse Housing Types.


The AHAS is a strategic response to a changing housing market, increasing displacement pressure, and a widespread need for high-quality, affordable housing opportunities for all.  The strategy was developed in 2018 through a series of community listening sessions, focus groups, input from community partners, market studies, and review of past housing strategies.  The AHAS is intended to guide the City's affordable housing strategies, program development, and investments over the next ten years.

Missing Middle Housing Diagram




Affordable Housing diagram


Staff Contact:

Elliott Barnett, Senior Planner

(253) 591-5389




Seeking consultant services

The City has issued a Request For Proposals for assistance with this project -- proposals are due by March 3, 2020.