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Workforce Development Programs

The City of Tacoma's Workforce Development 

The City of Tacoma wants to increase employment for City of Tacoma and Tacoma Public Utilities Service Area residents by educating and training its current and future workforce. Tacoma takes pride in their support of schools, community, and programs that help our residents find sustainable living wage jobs. The links below provide resources for elementary school programs, youth, young adult, and beyond. 


Free Training

Pre-apprenticeship Training Opportunity with Palmer Pathways - Build your brighter future with a career in the trades. Must be a Pierce County resident between 18 - 26, demonstrate financial need, and identify as a person of color. 


The City of Tacoma Local Employment and Apprenticeship Training Program (LEAP) and its partners received one of 25 awards from the EPA for 2023 Brownfields Job Training! With this grant: the City of Tacoma plans to train 140 participants, have 105 graduates and place at least 79 graduates in environmental jobs. Recruitment for the first training cohort is planned for Summer Quarter of 2024. Contact Deborah Trevorrow for more information. 

EnviroChallenger (2nd-8th Grade Students)

The EnviroChallenger program teaches free environmental lessons with a mix of science, social responsibility and fun in Tacoma's second through eighth grade classrooms and for home-schooled students. All the lessons include supplies and support state standardized test objectives. When you need engaging, high-quality environmental science lessons, bring in the EnviroChallengers!


Learn more about the EnviroChallenger Program

Jobs 253 (Tacoma Public High School Incoming Juniors and Seniors)

Jobs 253 offers Tacoma Public Schools' incoming juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn high school credit for graduation and the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience.


Learn more about Jobs 253

Internships (High School and Above)

The City of Tacoma offers many internships throughout the year, including one through Tacoma Power for Electrical Engineers. Please refer to the City's Job Hub web page for available internships.


Electrical Engineering Internship

City of Tacoma's Job Hub

Apprenticeships (18+)

Tacoma Public Utilities has several apprenticeship tracks through Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water. 


Tacoma Power and Water Apprenticeships


Tacoma Training and Employment Program (TTEP)


The purpose of the Tacoma Training and Employment Program (TTEP) is to:

  1. Provide for the development of a trained and capable workforce by providing training and education opportunities to residents of the City of Tacoma and residents of the Economically Distressed Areas of the Tacoma Public Utilities Service Area.
  2. Increase access to employment that directly combats poverty and unemployment by providing training, resources, and employment opportunities to community members.
  3. The program's efforts will also reflect the desire of the City of Tacoma to support a local workforce that represents the diverse population of city residents. 



TTEP programming includes the following key components:

  1. Recruitment and enrollment assessment
  2. Employment Readiness Training
  3. Case management and retention to address barrier reduction that supports program completion
  4. Access to support/wrap around services that include math and reading classes to achieve 9th grade level prior to graduation
  5. Job placement assistance

The program aims to create opportunities for workers to acquire the skills, experience and education they need to secure increasingly complex and better compensated jobs and careers. 


TTEP is funded by the City of Tacoma (General Government and Tacoma Public Utilities) and includes several organizations in a broad-based collaborative partnership. 


For more information on this program, please contact Kacee Woods, Equity in Contracting & Workforce Programs Manager at kwoods@cityoftacoma.org or 253-244-2613.