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Supporting healthy communities and a thriving Puget Sound through environmental education and outreach.


Free Educational Environmental Lessons for Tacoma Students

The EnviroChallenger program brings free environmental lessons with a mix of science, social responsibility, art, and fun to Tacoma's K - 12 classrooms and alternate learning programs. 


When you need engaging, high-quality environmental science lessons, and enviro-art please invite in the EnviroChallengers to your classroom!


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Meet the EnviroChallenger Team


Back to School with the EnviroChallengers

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The EnviroChallengers introduce the basics of the environment and sustainability in Tacoma.

These are great pre-lessons for any EnviroChallenger visit!




The EnviroShorts video series gives you a closer look into several topics that the EnviroChallengers teach. These short videos on trash, food and yard waste, recycling, hazardous waste, wastewater and a visit to the Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center demonstrate that nothing is truly wasted. Watch the EnviroShorts Videos





Contact the EnviroChallengers

Center for Urban Waters
326 East D Street 
Tacoma, WA 98421