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Face Masks or Cloth Face Covering

The state has issued an order directing businesses to require and enforce the use of face coverings by all customers and visitors. With this order, all visitors to the Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center must wear a face mask beginning July 7, until further notice.  Click HERE for more information on the three face cover orders in place.


Service Updates 

Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center Service Changes Begins May 18

Starting Monday, May 18, the Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center will be open seven days per week, from 8 AM to 5:30 PM, to: 

  • City of Tacoma residential customers with garbage or yard waste loads only.
  • City of Tacoma commercial customers with garbage loads only.
  • The Recycle Center and Household Hazardous Waste Facility will be open to residential customers on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Both facilities will be closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • The Goodwill drop off station at the Recycle Center is now closed indefinitely.
  • The Solid Waste front office lobby and EnviroHouse will also remain closed until further notice. All payments should be made by credit card. 

This facility will not accept any self-haul garbage or yard waste loads from outside the city limits of Tacoma. Residential customers must have an active solid waste residential collection account serviced by the City of Tacoma and be able to prove residency. Read the full announcement.


As the State and the City of Tacoma begin to “turn the dial” on reconstituting services in a phased approach, Solid Waste Management continues to not accept loads from outside the city of Tacoma due to high demand from residential customers and to limit the number of in-person interactions at the site.  

Customers that do not reside within the city of Tacoma can visit lriservices.com or call (253) 847-7555 for more information about transfer stations outside of Tacoma.

King County facilities are no longer accepting self-haul customers from outside of King County. 


Tacoma May Experience Possible Delays in Solid Waste Collection Services

The City of Tacoma’s Solid Waste Management is experiencing COVID-19 impacts, which may result in collection schedule changes for both residential and commercial customers. In addition, glass recycling is still being collected curbside and satellite sites are anticipated to open in mid-2020. Visit the Recycle Reset page for more information.


Collection and Facility Updates

Effective November 17, 2020 and continuing until further notice: All residential and commercial collection services are operating, however some routes will be picked up later today. 

The Solid Waste Administration front office lobby at 3510 S. Mullen St. is closed for walk-in service. Please call (253) 502-2100 for the following services:

  • Request an additional pickup or an increase in service
  • Exchange a residential or commercial solid waste container 
  • Make a payment for a commercial container service 
  • Schedule a commercial container to be delivered to a job site. Once confirmed, a route supervisor will meet you in-person at your job site for delivery.


What Goes Where?

Residential customers can learn how to responsibly manage their waste using our new Recycle Coach "What Goes Where" tool! Use the search bar below to quickly and easily access disposal instructions and resources for thousands of items here in Tacoma.


Solid Waste Services

The City of Tacoma’s solid waste utility provides curbside services to more than 58,500 residential and commercial customers in Tacoma.

We offer curbside garbagerecycling and food/yard waste services, as well as self-haul options for garbage, recycling, yard waste and household hazardous waste disposal at the Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center.

The City’s solid waste utility is committed to:

  • Providing prompt, considerate and reliable customer service in a professional manner.
  • Implementing processes and technologies to make our services fiscally sound and environmentally sustainable.

To meet these objectives, we work with the City’s wastewater and surface water utilities to achieve exceptional environmental practices that are cost-efficient and sustainable.



Sustainable Materials Management 

In 2014, the Tacoma City Council reaffirmed our commitment to wasting less by passing Resolution 38907 in support of the 70 percent waste diversion goal established jointly by the City of Tacoma and Pierce County in the Tacoma-Pierce County Solid Waste Management Plan.


In 2015, Tacoma's Sustainable Materials Management Plan was created, followed by the 2016 Environmental Action Plan. Both plans aim to help our community achieve our waste diversion goal through recycling and other waste management strategies.


Sustainable materials management is an approach that examines the life-cycle of materials and products from raw material extraction to end of life (disposal) and recycling. It seeks to reduce environmental impacts by emphasizing waste prevention and materials management through all stages. Huge amounts of resources such as energy, water, minerals, and soils are consumed in the production, transportation and distribution phases. These activities have a tremendous impact on air, climate, and water quality. Recycling is one strategy helping our community make progress towards our goal of diverting 70 percent of our solid waste from landfills by 2028. Preventing waste in the first place helps even more. When we reduce waste at the source, produce with fewer toxins, and consume conservatively, we make more effective, efficient use of our valuable resources. For ideas on how you can waste less, visit our web page Waste Free 253.

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Read about the current Tacoma Recovery and Transfer Center Service Changes




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