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Traffic Signal and Streetlight Plans

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Traffic Signal Plans

Traffic Signal Plans PDF (16 pages) - All plans in one file
 Filename  Description  Date
 TS-01  Vehicle Traffic Signal (Single & Multiple) Hanger Assembly  2/11/2003
 TS-02  Span Wire Strain Clamp  2/11/2003
 TS-03  H-Type Pedestrian Push Button Assembly  2/11/2003
 TS-04  Span Wire Detail  2/11/2003
 TS-05  Riser Assembly Underground Service Conduit  8/31/2007
 TS-06  Riser Assembly Communication Signal Conduit  2/11/2003
 TS-07  Streetlight Mast Arm Mounting Flange Detail  2/11/2003
 TS-08  Junction Box Installation Typical  5/31/2017
 TS-09  Strain Pole Standard Foundation  3/10/2003
 TS-10  Foundation & Apron for "M" & "P" Controller Cabinets  9/14/2004
 TS-11  Induction Loop Details  4/24/2006
 TS-12  Pedestrian Signal Clamshell Pole Mounting Detail  2/12/2003
 TS-13  Vehicle Signal Head Pole Mount Detail  2/12/2003
 TS-14  Standards for Signal Placement  2/12/2003
 TS-15  Traffic Signal Phase Orientation  4/24/2006
 TS-16  Vehicle Induction Loop Typical Layout  4/24/2006

Streetlight Plans

Streetlight Plans PDF (10 pages) - All plans in one file
 Filename  Description  Date
 SL-01  Luminaire on Wood Pole Typical Installation  2/11/2003
 SL-02  Streetlight Foundation 30' & 40'  3/10/2003
 SL-03  Standard Embedded Type Installation Detail-Typical  3/10/2003
 SL-04  Timber Pole Typical Installation with Underground Feed  2/11/2003
 SL-05  Splice for Handholes  2/11/2003
 SL-06  Pole Addresses Typical Detail  2/11/2003
 SL-07  Overhead Triplex Spans Typical Installation  2/11/2003
 SL-08  Service Detail Underground Type A  8/31/2007
 SL-09  Service Detail Underground Type B  8/31/2007
 SL-10  Grounding Detail  2/11/2003