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Phase 2 Of Recommendation 15

Parking Changes Happening in Southern Downtown Tacoma Starting Spring 2024

The City of Tacoma’s Parking Services wants to make it easier for those visiting the southern Downtown Tacoma area to find parking. Parking demands are highest in this area, particularly near the University of Washington Tacoma campus.



In 2019, the City's Parking Technical Advisory Group (PTAG) put forth Recommendation #15 to implement a ‘3 Hour’ unpaid parking zone in the following area:

  • South 15th Street, South 17th Street, and South 21st Street from Market Street to Tacoma Avenue, excepting those stalls that are already regulated.

Parking Occupancy Data demonstrated the area experienced significant parking constraints. The intent of these changes was to create more parking access for short term users. The new regulations were rolled out in a phased approach to allow flexibility for parking users to adjust to the new dynamic.


Where   When  Status
Phase 1 S. 17th Street to S. 21st Street from Tacoma Avenue to Market Street
September 2019  Deployed
Phase 2  S. 15th Street to S 17th Street from Tacoma Ave to Market Street.  March 2020 Paused until 2024


However, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically impacted the parking system in unexpected ways. At that point in time PTAG made the recommendation to halt the deployment of the second phase of Recommendation #15 until the downtown area returned to higher occupancy levels.


Parking Changes 2024

In reviewing the on-street occupancy data collected in 2022, studies have found the area to have returned to highly constrained levels. In an effort to maximize the use of the right-of-way and ensure efficiency of the parking system, PTAG supports deploying phase 2 of Recommendation #15. With the implementation of the ‘3 Hour- Unpaid’ regulations, Parking Services expects to realize the following benefits:

  • Stimulate turnover in these areas that have reached practical capacity.
  • Increase user access to areas with a demand for short term parking. 

PTAG’s purpose is to analyze the City’s parking structure and make recommendations to increase efficiency. City staff and PTAG have spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the area and occupancy numbers show that street parking remains full throughout the day due to the significant parking demand. It is anticipated that these changes will help create more available parking in the area. 


Read PTAG's Recommendation #15.


Map of Parking Changes


2024 Phase 2Rec15_Parking_Graphic