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Late Filers

How do I know if my tax return is on time?

The due date for each tax return is printed on the return itself. Tax returns are considered timely if the USPS postmark cancellation stamp is dated no later than the date the return and payment are due.

What is my penalty if I file or pay a return late?

The City is required to assess a nine percent late penalty if the tax due on a return filed by a taxpayer is not paid by the due date. Late penalties of 19 to 29 percent proceed as follows:

  • 19 percent penalty due after the last day of the month following the return's due date;
  • 29 percent penalty due after the last day of the second month following the return's due date.
  • Note: The minimum penalty for late payment is five dollars.

Interest is also required to be paid when filing late. Find current interest rates 


Does the City grant penalty waivers?

Yes, per TMC Chapter 6B.10.095 Tax & License has the authority to waive delinquent or late return penalties under limited circumstances when the underpayment of tax, or the failure to pay any tax by the due date, was the result of circumstances beyond the control of the taxpayer.


Lack of funds, being unaware that taxes are due after registering, or not receiving the tax return notice is generally would NOT qualify for a penalty waiver. If you fall under these reasons, please use one of our available Payment Options. 


Prior to requesting a waiver of penalties, your account must be current (except for penalties) and all tax returns must be filed (if applicable). Requests will be denied if the account is not current. 


Request Waiver of Penalties