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Art Lessons

In-Person Art Lessons Now Available

The EnviroChallenger program is pleased to bring back Art EnviroChallenger lessons! In an Art EnviroChallenger lesson, students will learn about choices we can make to protect our environment while creating a personal piece of art. Lesson topics and media vary by project and age recommendations are listed. Every project touches on both science and art standards. 

Cardboard Creations


Cardboard Creations (40 minute lessons)

Using a cereal box and other found materials, learn about the elements of art, including: texture, shape, color, value, and more. With imagination and realistic examples, students will create their very own cardboard creations!




Recommended Grades: K-5




Art WaterColor


Waste Watercolo(40 minute lessons)


Learn how pollution and contaminants can affect our waterways and Puget Sound and use watercolors to experiment and create art. Learn about the elements of art, including: texture, brush techniques, light, balance, and negative space.



Recommended Grades: 3 - 8



Gyotaku Art


Gyotaku (kind of)! (40 minute lessons)


Learn about the traditional Japanese art of Gyotaku (Gyo = fish, taku = rubbing)! Students will create a cardboard fish, paint it, and then press the fish on to paper to create a gyotaku facsimile. No fish will be harmed during this project.


Recommended Grades: 3 - 8