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The Residential Parking Program is a Community Driven Program

The establishment of Residential Parking Zones (RPZ) are considered upon resident requests. Several new and existing RPZs are currently undergoing the application process. Please check below for RPZ activity that is happening in your neighborhood.

Not sure if you live within an RPZ?

Enter your address below to determine if there is an existing RPZ within your neighborhood.


Need to get a permit for an active RPZ?

Enter your address below and click on the RPZ. A popup will appear that redirects you to the online portal


Is your neighborhood currently petitioning for an RPZ?

Enter your address below to get the poll status. Property owners may also enter their vote using the validation code received via mail.


If the map doesn't load automatically, please click here.


Interested in establishing a new RPZ in your neighborhood? Or expand the boundaries of an existing RPZ?

An application must be submitted to initiate the consideration process. First, a neighborhood petitioner must be designated upon submitting an application.

Need a Residential Parking Permit?

First an online account must be created. Please check out the RPP Web Portal via the Residential Permits page.

Your account information and documents will be reviewed by Parking Services staff. Accounts must first be approved before permits are approved. New accounts may take up to 72 hours for approval. Once residential accounts have been approved, all permit requests will be approved automatically.


For direct RPP account support, please email customerservicetacoma@reefparking.com or call customer service at (253) 627-4401.


To contact the Residential Parking Program (RPP), please email RPP@cityoftacoma.org or call us at (253) 591-5371.