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Neighborhood Council Program

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Tacoma's Neighborhood Councils 

In 1992, the City Council established Tacoma's eight Neighborhood Councils to advise them on issues of local importance and to seek consensus among residents on specific plans of action. The Neighborhood Councils also undertake a wide range of neighborhood improvements in collaboration with staff from the City of Tacoma and other agencies.  View a copy of the Tacoma Municipal Code related to the Neighborhood Council Program.

Each Neighborhood Council serves as an independent, non-profit citizen organization to promote citizen-based efforts for neighborhood improvement. 

Any resident, business owner, employee, property owner or member of an existing neighborhood group within a Neighborhood Council area can join a Neighborhood Council. Tacoma’s eight Neighborhood Council boundaries – in Northeast Tacoma, New Tacoma, the North End, the West End, Central Tacoma, South Tacoma, the Eastside and the South End.  View a copy of the Standards and Guidelines document for the Neighborhood Council Program.


Neighborhood Council Program Overview

The Neighborhood Council Program has a stated goal to engage its neighborhoods on issues and concerns that directly affect them, help craft solutions to mutual problems, and build a sense of pride and personal responsibility for their neighborhoods. As a result, the City supports and promotes the Neighborhood Council Program to create an environment in which residents are afforded an opportunity to meaningfully discuss City programs and policies that affect the neighborhood, bring neighborhood concerns, priorities, and goals to the attention of the City, and encourage diverse relationships and representative participation where residents feel included and empowered to contribute to improving the livability of their communities. You can view Tacoma Municipal Code 1.45 that governs the Neighborhood Council Program to learn more about this program. 


Innovative Grant Program

Through the City of Tacoma's Neighborhood Innovative Grant Program, community groups within Tacoma's eight Neighborhood Council district can apply for grant funding supporting neighborhood improvement activities or projects. To see a list of projects that have been funded, please visit our Past Projects web page.


The 2020 application period will open in January 2020. Check back for updates. 


Neighborhood Council District Map


General Inquiries

Contact the Program Coordinator 


Allyson Griffith

Neighborhood Enhancement Team Manager
(253) 591-5119



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