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Environmental Services Strategic Plan 2018-2025

Healthy Neighborhoods Along with a Thriving Puget Sound Makes for a Better Tacoma 

Graphic highlighting the key concepts behind the ES Strategic Plan for 2018-2025

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Focus Areas


Environmental Services why, how, and what of new Strategic Plan


Implementation Team

A cross-divisional, staff-led team with broad representation has been appointed to ensure implementation of our Strategic Plan. Led by Josh Knouff, the Implementation Team will be responsible for ensuring that we reach our WHY and represent the HOW’s through prioritizing and implementing the initiatives. 


Nine initiatives, one for each WHAT, were prioritized for implementation and the following leads will take on these initiatives:


Table of Implementation Team members and associated Initiatives


Implementation Team of 2018-2019


Focus Teams

Focus teams for each initiative include staff from all divisions and varying levels of the department as well as a management sponsor. These teams will be responsible for the development of initiatives and identifying the tracking performance measures. 


Membership of the Focus Teams will change as one initiative is completed and a new one is started. Feel free to reach out to the Implementation Team members if you have questions or concerns.


Focus Team Members of 2018-2019 Initiatives

Team Membership of 2018-2019 Initiatives


Team of Teams - April-July 2018

Patrick Babbitt (lead), Office of Environmental Policy & Sustainability

Lewis Griffith (sponsor), Solid Waste Management

Lyle Hauenstein, Solid Waste Management

Lisa Werner, Solid Waste Management

Jayme Roberts, Solid Waste Management 

Mark Lewis, Operations & Maintenance

Cameron McCaul, Operations & Maintenance

Eric Tate, Operations & Maintenance

Don Sjoboen, Science & Engineering

Raeshawna Ware, Science & Engineering

Justin Fitzgerald, Business Operations

Zac Christin, Continuous Improvement



Budget Transparency & Education - June 2018-Jan 2019

Andrea Boyes (lead), Solid Waste Management

John O'Loughlin (sponsor), Director's Office

Shane Pettit (sponsor), Solid Waste Management

Mark Green, Solid Waste Management

Daryl Lyons, Solid Waste Management

Charles Swillie, Operations & Maintenance

Eric Crittendon, Operations & Maintenance

Drew Randolph, Science & Engineering

Michael Sparkman, Science & Engineering

Teresa Dressler, Science & Engineering

Jeanne Walter, Office of Environmental Policy & Sustainability

Steve Schmidt, Business Operations

Christina Curran, Office of Management & Budget

Sally Cowan, Director's Office



Equitable Service - July 2018-present

Kristi Lynett (co-lead), Office of Environmental Policy & Sustainability 

Corey McBee (co-lead), Solid Waste Management

Judy Scott (sponsor), Operations & Maintenance

Stuart Magoon (sponsor), Science & Engineering

Phet Sinthavong, Solid Waste Management

Daniel Corum, Solid Waste Management

Dean Kennard, Operations & Maintenance

Josiah Rowell, Operations & Maintenance

Harry Maddock, Operations & Maintenance

Vanessa Simpson, Science & Engineering

Crystal Komenda, Public Works

Katherine Marshall, Business Operations

Francine Artis, Tacoma Public Utilities

Erika Tucci, Tacoma Public Utilities

La'Toya Mason, TacomaFIRST 311

Mia Navarro, Office of Equity and Human Rights

Allyson Griffith, Neighborhood Enhancement Team



Empower - August 2018-present

Kristin Pierce (lead), Operations & Maintenance

Kurt Fremont (sponsor), Business Operations

Zach Dryer, Solid Waste Management

Robert Judd, Solid Waste Management

Chuck Niemier, Operations & Maintenance

Richard Miklian, Operations & Maintenance

Nick Leakakos, Operations & Maintenance

Tiffany Ryan, Science & Engineering

Kevin Brennan, Business Operations

Amanda Borchers, Director's Office

Ben Thurgood, Continuous Improvement



Lifelong Learning - September 2018-present

Heidi Fitzgerald (lead), Operations & Maintenance

Geoff Smyth (sponsor), Director's Office

Hugh Messer (sponsor), Operations & Maintenance

Ricky Stewart, Solid Waste Management

Debra Busenius, Solid Waste Management

Eva Erickson, Solid Waste Management

Dale Sanborn, Operations & Maintenance

Steve Shortencarrier, Science & Engineering

Max Drathman, Science & Engineering

Brett Burrows, Business Operations

Stephanie Seivert, Business Operations

Jason Nilsen, Business Operations



Marketing Campaign - October 2018-present

Denisse Linares (co-lead), Solid Waste Management

Alan Aplin (co-lead), Business Operations

Jim Parvey (sponsor), Office of Environmental Policy & Sustainability

Amy Middleton (sponsor), Business Operations

Will Knouff, Solid Waste Management

Jeff Nanakul, Solid Waste Management

Josh Acosta, Operations & Maintenance

Yefim Strupinskiy, Operations & Maintenance

Sean Olson, Science & Engineering

Jacqueline Fuller, Office of Environmental Policy & Sustainability

Shawn Madison, Business Operations

Christina Lorella, Business Operations

Stacy Ellifritt, Media & Communications Office



Safety - October 2018-present

Jason Yost (lead), Business Operations

Jody Bratton (sponsor), Operations & Maintenance

Andy Torres (sponsor), Solid Waste Management

Jesse Harris, Solid Waste Managment

Morgan Jones, Solid Waste Management

Russ Middleton, Operations & Maintenance

Ryan Welander, Operations & Maintenance

Dave Clark, Operations & Maintenance

James Strivens, Operations & Maintenance

Craig May, Science & Engineering

Lance Bunch, Science & Engineering

Kristine Blue, Business Operations 

Pete Norseth, Business Operations

Nick Hoskins, Solid Waste Management



Environmental Baseline - November 2018-present

Mike Carey (lead), Office of Environmental Policy & Sustainability

Dan Thompson (sponsor), Business Operations

John Burk (sponsor), Science & Engineering

Brian Norton, Solid Waste Management

Sami Pielak, Operations & Maintenance

Dana Deleon, Science & Engineering

Bonnie McLeod, Science & Engineering

Aris Efting, Science & Engineering

John Sunich, Business Operations

Laura Nokes, Science & Engineering

Sally Cowan, Director's Office



Business Processes - January 2019-present

Karen Bartlett (lead), Science & Engineering

Craig Francis (sponsor), Science & Engineering

Sara Best, Solid Waste Management

Joe Breer, Solid Waste Management

Devin Andrews, Operations & Maintenance

Tom Chontofalsky, Science & Engineering

Erik Carlson, Science & Engineering

Jetta Antonakos, Office of Environmental Policy & Sustainability

Ryan Fuson, Business Operations




2018-2019 Initiative Rollout

The Implementation Team has identified the approximate timeline for the first nine initiatives:

Gantt chart of 2018-2019 rollout schedule for ES Strategic Plan initiatives


Plan Development

In 2017, the Director identified 12 Strategic Planning Team members, representing each division, to develop the 2018-2025 Strategic Plan.  This team completed extensive research, listened to feedback from stakeholders, customers, and employees, and worked collaboratively to develop the plan and set the direction for our department.


This Environmental Services Strategic Plan (and Appendix) will serve as our agenda and guide decisions for our department through 2025.


Contact Us

As always, we are dedicated to working together transparently with open communication and contributions from all levels of the department. If you have questions or would like to provide feedback, please contact:


Josh Knouff at jknouff@cityoftacoma.org

Marvin Griffin at mgriffin@cityoftacoma.org


You can also email the ES Strategic Plan Team at ThinkBig@cityoftacoma.org or contact any member of the Implementation team. Think Big!