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Code Response Map

Code Compliance Response Map

Detailed information about the City's response to code compliance issues can be found using this Code Compliance Response Map. The map includes address of violation, case type, case open and closed dates, case status and City action, and a link to the Pierce County Assessor with additional property details. Case information on the map is updated weekly.


Case Status Definitions

Below are a few of our most common case statuses and what they mean.  For additional definitions please visit our glossary of terms.


Closed City Abatement: Cleaning up or removing the violation, which may be performed with a warrant if the violation is on private property, or without a warrant if the violation is on public right-of-way or is an imminent threat to life safety.


Certificate of Complaint Filed: A complaint has been filed with the Pierce County Tax Assessor that is attached to the property record at the violation address after civil penalties meet code requirements, which vary by violation type. Certificates of complaint serve as an indicator to anyone investigating the property that there may be unmet obligations to be fulfilled by the property owner to the City of Tacoma.


Citation Issued: A fine (civil penalty) issued by the City of Tacoma to the property owner as a result of non-compliance with property corrections. Fines are generally issued in $250 increments and can be issued upon each re-inspection of the property where progress has not been made, and sent to collections after 60 days of non-payment.


Closed Administrative Judicial: The violation case has been resolved through a legal process.


Closed Exhausted Remedies: The City is unable to reach resolution and has attempted all other avenues allowed by law to gain compliance and has decided to close the case.


Closed New Owner: A new owner has obtained the property in violation.  A notice of violation is mailed to the new owner with a new case number.


Closed No Hazard: The complaint was received, inspected and no violations were found.


Closed Voluntary Compliance:  The owner has voluntarily corrected the violations and the property is now in compliance.


Complaint Received: A complaint has been submitted to the City of Tacoma and is pending inspection.


Notice of Violation: Written communication to the property owner detailing code violations, the City process for pursuing compliance, and the property owner’s rights.


Ongoing Investigation: Property is being monitored by an inspector and the decision whether or not to pursue compliance is pending.


Violation Confirmed: Inspector has completed the property site inspection and has identified the violation.


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If you would like to report a code compliance concern, please use the TacomaFIRST 311 online system or call 3-1-1 within city limits or (253) 591-5000 outside the city.