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2022 Amendment

Applications for 2022 Amendment Accepted during Jan-Mar 2021

The Planning Commission will accept private applications for proposed amendments to the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan and/or the Land Use Regulatory Code between January 1 and March 31, 2021. Applications may be subject to a $1,400 fee.


Applications submitted during this period will be processed in the 2021-2022 annual amendment cycle, which is anticipated to conclude in June 2022 with adoption by the City Council (hence referred to as the "2022 Amendment").


To learn more about the 2022 Amendment or to submit an application, please review/download the following documents:

  • 2022 Amendment Application Packet (PDF version that includes the application form, submittal requirements and background information)
  • 2022 Amendment Application Form (Word version of the application form)



    Why Are Plan and Code Amended?

    The One Tacoma Plan is the blueprint for achieving the community's vision for future growth and Land Use Regulatory Code (Title 13 of the Tacoma Municipal Code) is a key tool to implementing the goals and policies of the Plan. These documents are reviewed and amended, generally, on an annual basis in accordance with the State Growth Management Act in order to maintain their effectiveness.


    What Are the Types of Proposed Amendments That May Be Considered?

    - Text changes to the Plan

    - Text changes to the Code

    - Land Use Designation changes

    - Area-wide rezones

    - Interim zoning or moratorium


    Who May Propose an Amendment?

    Amendments may be initiated by the City of Tacoma or proposed by any private individual, organization, corporation, partnership or entity of any kind. City-initiated amendments are generally processed in odd-year adoption cycles and private-initiated amendments processed in even-year adoption cycles.


    Why Would You Propose an Amendment?

    If you would like to contribute to the enhancements of the plan or the code, or if you have suggestions about how the plan or the code could be modified to better support the envisioned development of any neighborhood or specific parcels, you are welcome to consider submitting an application.


    Who to Contact for More Information?

    Pre-application meetings are strongly recommended and can be scheduled before submitting an application.


    Staff contact:

    Lihuang Wung, Senior Planner

    Planning and Development Services Department

    (253) 591-5682