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Confidence Testing

Fire and Life Safety Compliance Program (FLSCP)

The International Fire Code requires building owners to maintain their building's fire and life safety systems in good working condition at all times and to ensure that these systems are tested on a regular basis. The periodic testing of these systems is called confidence testing.

Most confidence tests must be conducted by a certified service technician. Many companies with certified employees are listed online under headings such as "Fire Alarm Systems" and "Fire Protection."


What is the purpose of the FLSCP?

The purpose of the FLSCP program is to increase the compliance of confidence testing in our jurisdiction. 


What is the fee associated with the FLSCP program?

The FLSCP filing fee is $25 per system tested. It is charged to inspection companies by a third-party compliance company on every fire and life safety system that is tested, as required by the NFPA and adopted Fire Code. Systems include:

  • commercial alarm systems

  • fire escapes

  • commercial kitchen hoods and ducts

  • private hydrants

  • sprinkler systems

  • standpipes

  • fire pumps

  • foam systems

  • special suppression systems

  • emergency generator

  • shaft and floor pressurization

  • flammable finish applications

  • smoke control systems 

The fee is charged to the inspection company completing all testing. TFD monitors compliance with required testing and that any identified repairs are completed in a timely manner. TFD does not perform inspection, testing, or maintenance of fire protection systems. This work is completed by testing companies hired by the building's owners.

Why is there a fee?

The filing fee is associated with the electronic submission of each test report submitted by an inspection company through the third-party vendor website. The inspection company hired by the owner is responsible for administering the reporting requirements and then submitting the payments along with the test reports to the third-party vendor. The third-party compliance vendor will receive a portion of the fee and the remainder is remitted to TFD to cover administrative costs in our Fire Prevention Division.


Who is the third-party compliance vendor?

To improve tracking and citywide compliance, TFD will be using Brycer and their online tool, The Compliance Engine. Records of all system inspections, tests, and maintenance required by referenced standards are to be submitted and maintained using the Compliance Engine.


When do the program and fees start?

March 1, 2019.  


Why is this program being proposed?

We are currently about 50% compliant on all commercial fire protection systems. Other municipalities, such as Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, and Los Angeles have gone to a third-party compliance vendor to assist with improving the compliance rating with confidence testing. These cities saw significant increases in compliance, including Los Angeles, which went from 35% complaint to over 85% within 2 years of program implementation.  



Please contact Deputy Fire Marshal Vern Porter @ 253-594-7929 or tfdcto@cityoftacoma.org if you have questions about the commercial fire protection systems compliance program.


Confidence Test Forms  Inspections Schedule PDF Word
Automatic Fire Sprinkler System - Wet  


Download Download
Automatic Fire Sprinkler System - Dry  Annually 
Fire Alarm System Annually  Download

Commercial Kitchen Rangehood System  

Annually & semi-annually Download
Commercial Kitchen Rangehood Cleaning  See form for schedule  Download
Standpipe System  Every five years
Standpipe - Annual 


Fire Escape   Every five years  Download
Fire Escape Annual Checklist Annually  Download Download
Special Suppression System  Annually Download
Foam System  Annually & every five years  Download
Fire Pump  Annually Download
Emergency Generator  Annually Download
Shaft and Floor Pressurization  Annually Download
Flammable Finishes Applications  Annually Download

Private Hydrants

Annually Download
Smoke Control Systems  Annually  Download Download 
System Correction Report      Download