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Request Waiver of Penalties

Submit a Request asking for Waiver of Penalty Fees

Use this form to submit a waiver of Penalty fees for late filers. 


Request Waiver of Penalties

Payments made after the due date for licenses and/or taxes are subject to late fees as listed in Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) Title 6.  If your license and/or taxes were paid late, use this form to request a waiver of the penalty. 

Please Note: Per the TMC Chapter 6B.10.095 Waiver of Penalties:  Lack of funds, being unaware that the fees were due after licensing with the City, or not receiving a license/tax notice are generally NOT considered.  If you fall under these reasons, please use one of our Payment Options available.


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For a waiver of penalties to be considered, the following must be true * 

  I confirm my account is current or all fees except the penalties are paid and all tax returns (if applicable) have been filed.



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