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George, South Africa

Tacoma's Sister City since 1997. 

The city of George is located along South Africa's Garden Route on the coast in the Western Cape Province. The population of George is between 150,000 - 160,000. George is nestled below magnificent George Peak. The town is situated in a picturesque environment on a coastal plateau between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean. The area consists of a remarkable blending of mountains, rivers, indigenous and cultivated forests. It has colorful shrubs and wild flowers, glorious beaches and rich farmlands. Of all the natural wonders in which the region abounds, nothing is quite as breathtaking as the grandeur of the forests. The forests derive their diversity and lushness from year-round rainfall, averaging 34 inches per year, with no month having more than 3.5 inches. Mild temperatures prevail throughout the year, with winter temperatures averaging 68º, summer 73º.

George is known as one of the fast developing towns in South Africa and, based on the growth over the past ten years, is expected to develop into a secondary city within the next decade. It has a sophisticated infrastructure with banks, conference facilities, businesses, major shopping chains, transportation and recreation facilities. It is also a major tourist center with a variety of places to suit every taste and pocketbook.

Because of its location, George is a popular distribution center for both governmental and non-governmental goods and services. Forestry, farming (vegetables, hops, dairy), light industries and tourism form the basis of the local economy. 

George Sister City Committee Chair