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Fire Protection System Permits

Apply for Permit

Permits to install or modify Fire Protection Systems are reviewed by the Fire Department. Submit permit requests through tacomapermits.org and use the online fee estimator to calculate expenses. If you have additional questions or need more information about the permit process contact the Fire Department at (253) 591-5503 or email Chris Seaman.

Permit Fees

Permit fees are calculated based on the table below. All fees are current as of January 2020.


System Type 



Fire Alarm  Formula  See item 1 below
Sprinklers  Formula  See item 2 below
Underground Fire Main  $362.70
Standpipe  $432.90  
Fire Pump   $713.70   
Commercial Cooking Range Hoods Fire Protection
Pre-Engineered Systems $940.80 After the first 50 devices there will be an additional charge of $3.36 per device.  
Tenant Improvement - with 6 or fewer sprinkler heads
$292.50 Existing system modification
TI with 7-20 Sprinkler Heads   $573.30  Existing system modification 
Temporary CO Inspection $280.00  First two hours 
Smoke Control Systems Plan Review $280.00   
Smoke Control Systems  Acceptance Test   $280.00  

Item 1 - Fire Alarm Fees

  • $280.00 for 50 devices or less
  • $548.00 for 51-100 devices
  • $817.60 for 101-200 devices
  • $1,086.40 for 201-300 devices
  • $1,344.00 for 301-400 devices
  • $1,624.00 for 401-600 devices

Systems greater than 600 devices the fee shall be @3.36 x the total number of devices. Devices include initiating and signaling appliances.

Item 2 - Fire Sprinkler System Fees

The fee shall be calculated based upon $877.50 per riser for the first two risers.
  1. Plus $5.27 per head for over 20 sprinkler heads.
  2. Plus $43.29 per riser/control valve for each additional riser if there are more than two.


  1. 13D systems not required by the Fire Code.
  2. Tenant improvements modifying 20 or less heads shall be charged as indicated in the table above.