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Office of Strategy

The Office of Strategy confronts complex challenges by creating, catalyzing, and supporting strategies to successfully achieve the City’s shared vision in partnership with City departments, partner organizations, and residents.

The Office of Strategy leads the implementation of the City’s strategic plan, Tacoma 2025, by working with residents, partner organizations and City departments to ensure alignment and success. The Office of Strategy works in support of the City Manager to develop and implement City strategic plans which are key to addressing City Council Priorities such as the Affordable Housing Action Strategy and the Community Safety Strategy. The Office of Strategy leads and supports cross-departmental strategic initiatives such as the Tacoma Equity Index and the Tacoma Anchor Network.


In 2023, the Office of Strategy will focus on:

  • Releasing and supporting the implementation of an updated Tacoma Equity Index
  • Adding an Anti-Displacement component to the City’s Affordable Housing Action Strategy
  • Initiating the development of a Community Safety Strategy
  • Supporting Tacoma Anchor Institution Network efforts to achieve local purchasing, hiring, and place-based investment goals

Our work:


Tacoma 2025

Affordable Housing Action Strategy

Equity Index