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Community Safety Action Strategy

Community Safety Action Strategy

A comprehensive, long-term approach to community safety that goes beyond policing and crime enforcement.


We've heard from you that safety means more than just the absence of crime. It's about being connected to your neighbors, enjoying clean streets, providing safe places for youth, and supporting local families and businesses. 


A Collaborative Effort to Improve Racial Justice and Equity in Tacoma

 Like our Affordable Housing Action Strategy - City of Tacoma this initiative encourages collaboration between residents, businesses, community organizations, law enforcement, and government agencies. 


Community safety is a key driver of Racial Justice and Equity in Tacoma, and to make sure this strategy reflects the voices of all residents, we'll work together through partnerships and data to support anti-racist policies, programs, and systems.


A Shared Vision for Safety

Everyone in Tacoma deserves to feel safe. However, residents experience safety differently. 

For example, according to the 2022 Tacoma Community Survey:

  • Black residents feel 50% less safe than white residents.
  • Hispanic individuals were more likely than the population average to be very or somewhat fearful that they might be affected by crime (88%).
  • Respondents with household income greater than $100,000 were more likely to rate their overall feeling of safety as very or somewhat safe (85%), and those with household income between $50,000 to $99,999 were less likely to feel safe (59%).
  • Individuals who were aged 34 years or younger were more likely to have been affected by crime than the population average (56%), and those aged 64 or older were less likely (19%).
  • White individuals were less likely to have been affected by crime (34%) and Hispanic individuals more likely (69%).
    Individuals who rented their homes were more likely to have been affected by crime (59%) and those who owned their homes were less likely (35%)

Co-create Healthy PLACES and Neighborhoods

Support economic and environmental conditions that make Tacoma feel safe for everyone to live, learn, work and play

Invest in PEOPLE to create belonging and prevention

Support focused approaches to specific community needs to create a sense of safety and belonging

RESPOND Effectively and with Care

Act with respect and understanding to address community safety needs

Promote Healing and REPAIR

Support individuals, families, and neighborhoods to overcome trauma, rebuild relationships, and work towards a community where everyone belongs


We will build on Past and Current Work


$372M has been allocated in the budget for safety 2023-2024. This funding will go to support what has worked, as well as innovative solutions that have come from community. This means the launch of programs like Holistic Outreach Promoting Engagement (HOPE) Team and Homeless Engagement Alternatives Liaison (HEAL) Teams. It also means unarmed Community Safety Officers that are trained in de-escalation and mental health, adding even more ways respond to community need.

Other highlights include:

Resources and Presentations

November 21, 2023 Study Session Presentation

December 8, 2023 Tacoma Report

Tacoma Police Department Crime Dashboard

Transforming Tacoma Website


Join Us in Shaping Next Steps

We value your input and will continue to work closely with you to refine our understanding of community safety. In early 2024, we'll reach out through community events and discussions to continue the conversation about what community safety means to you and how we can make it a reality in your neighborhood.

Please visit this website regularly for updates and opportunities to engage.

Together, we can create a safer and more equitable Tacoma.