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Bring Your Own Mug

Beginning in October 2018, the City of Tacoma developed new partnerships with local coffee shops to reduce single-use coffee cup waste. Together with businesses and coffee customers like you, Tacoma is switching to reusable mugs to protect our environment.

Did You Know?

Americans use 110 million single-use hot coffee cups per day. And, by our assessments, seven in ten coffee customers in Tacoma use a single-use cup when they order coffee. What's the problem? Paper and foam coffee cups are NOT recyclable in Tacoma! That creates a lot of needless waste.

Luckily, this is a human-made problem with a human-made solution. Together with local coffee shops and everyday community members, we can fix our throw-away culture. Scroll down to see early results and join Tacoma's campaign!

BYO MugEarly Results

  • 64% of participating shops have reported an increase in customers bringing their own mug
  • Reusable mug use increased by as much as 65% in shops

Shop & Community Testimonials

"We really like this campaign. We want people to care about our planet and consumer impacts."

"This was a great opportunity for us to really focus on offering for-here cups and plates... [By consistently asking customers 'For here or to-go?'] we saw a huge increase in for-here orders."

"Coffee shops are the perfect clientele to do BYOM."

"Another good reminder to bring your own reusable cup as often as you can!"


For Coffee Shops

There's good news: it pays to be environmentally-conscious. Even with wholesale purchases, single-use cups cost shops $.14-.21 per unit (including lids). Shops we've worked with have avoided using as many as 153 single-use cups per week (about 20 cups per day), which translates to 7,956 cups and $1,113-1,670 saved each year!

  1. Coach staff members to ask customers "For here or to-go?" 
  2. Make it your policy to use ceramic cups for sit-down orders
  3. Offer customers using reusable to-go mugs a special "BYOM" discount
  4. Get your BYOM discount listed on this page (use contact information below)
Go Above and Beyond: Be a Waste-Free Business Leader
  • Connect with our campaign on social media using the hashtags #BYOmug and #WasteFree253 
  • Provide paper straws by request only
  • Refill water bottles for customers
  • Join the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program with Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium


Octopus with MugFor Coffee Drinkers

Leave foam and paper out of your coffee flavor -- choose reusable for the best cup of coffee yet, and your favorite shop will thank you for the money they save.
  • Get your coffee to-go in a reusable mug or sit down and sip from a ceramic cup
  • Buy from a local coffee shop that reduces its waste and offers a BYOM discount!
  • Ask your favorite local coffee shop to participate in our campaign! Give them our contact information or ask them to visit cityoftacoma.org/BYOmug
  • Connect with our campaign on social media using the hashtags #BYOmug and #WasteFree253
  • Fill a reusable bottle instead of buying bottled water
  • Use your reusable bag and containers when shopping, traveling, packing lunches, or dining out
  • Ask restaurant servers to ‘skip the straw, please!’ 

Local Shops Offer Discounts for People Who Bring Their Own Mug


Anthem Coffee & Tea $.25 
Bostwick Café $.55
Corina Bakery  $.25
Cosmonaut Coffee $.25 for hot drinks / $.50 for iced drinks
Olympia Coffee Roasting $.25

See a map of the shops participating in the discount program.



Interested in Participating?

Contact Patrick Babbitt

(253) 591-5173