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Brovary, Ukraine

Tacoma's Sister City since 2017.
Brovary is located within seven kilometers from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and has a population of more than 100,000.  Ukraine is a diverse country with many ethnic backgrounds and there are thousands of Ukrainian born immigrants living in Tacoma and its suburbs.
The city of Brovary is characterized by a great geographical location with access to natural resources, economic advantages, and access to main national and international highways including railroads. Brovary just like Tacoma is located near a waterway – the Dniper River which gives economic advantages to businesses. Brovary has many parks and is located in among mixed forests. It borders Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, similar to how Tacoma borders Seattle, a major metropolitan area.  Brovary is home to a railway station, broadcasting center, and various industries and factories such as knitting, woodworking, machine tools, plastic materials, and a large Coca Cola company plant. It is a shoe making capital and a sport center as well. 
Pastor Peter Sayenko, of the Slavic Christian Center, is the head of the Sister City committee who worked to move Tacoma's Sister City connection with Brovary forward.