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Residential Infill Pilot Program

Latest News - DADU Codification

Changes are being made to one of the four types of housing in the Pilot Program (see the "Project Overview" section below to learn more about the four types).  Based on direction from the Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability Committee and the Tacoma Planning Commission, staff is working on code language that will allow Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (DADUs), as of right, in single-family zoning districts.  The remaining three project types will remain in the Pilot Program.


For more information, please visit the DADU Regulations web page. 


Additional Pilot Project Approved:

  • A two-family project in Central District was approved as part of the rolling application phase of the project.

Spaces Currently Available in the Pilot Program:

  • Two two-family developments on corner lots in the R-2 Single-family District are open.
  • All three small-scale Multifamily developments are open.
  • Two cottage housing developments (in most residential districts) are open.

Currently Closed:

  • All three Detached Accessory Dwelling Units positions are filled.  

Selection of Projects

Four projects have been selected to move forward into the permitting process.  Please see the following official determination of the Director of the Planning and Development Services Department, dated May 24, 2017:

  • Residential Infill Pilot Program - Project Selection Report and Decision
  • Review and Evaluation of Applications

    Through the application process in early 2017, the City received 16 project applications, involving three housing types: Detached Accessory Dwelling Units, Cottage Housing, and Two-family Development on Corner Lots.


    The information packet, Infill Pilot Program Project Review Criteria and Summary of Applications, provides summaries of the 16 applications, project review criteria, and relevant background information.


    The Project Review Committee comprised of staff and citizen volunteers met on April 27, 2017 to evaluate the applications and recommend up to three projects of each type to move forward to the permitting process.  The public was invited to observe the deliberations and offered the opportunity to comment prior to the meeting.


    Project Overview

    In December 2015 the City Council adopted code enacting the Infill Pilot Program, as part of a package of Affordable/Infill Housing code updates. The following infill housing types will be reviewed under the Pilot Program:

    • Detached Accessory Dwelling Units in single-family zoning districts
    • Two-family development on corner lots in the R-2 Single-family District
    • Small-scale multifamily development in the R-3 District
    • Cottage Housing in most residential districts

    A maximum of three of each infill housing type may be developed (potentially up to 12 in total) through the Pilot Program.


    The intent is to promote innovative residential infill while ensuring that such infill demonstrates high quality building and site design that is responsive to and harmonious with neighborhood patterns and character. The City hopes to see successful and well-regarded examples of these housing types built, as a way to inform a future Council decision on Tacoma’s regulatory approach to these housing types.



  • Infill Pilot Program Application  
  • Tacoma Infill Pilot Program Handbook 
  • Affordable Housing (project webpage) 
  • TMC 13.05.115 Residential Infill Pilot Program
  • TMC 13.06.150 Accessory dwelling units
  • TMC 13.06.160 Cottage Housing
  • TMC 13.06.640.G Conditional use - two-family development on corner lots in the R-2 District
  • TMC 13.06.640.H Conditional use - multi-family development in the R-3 District

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    Staff Contact

    Lauren Flemister

    (253) 905-4146