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City of Destiny Awards

City Events and Recognitions Committee Honor the 2023 City of Destiny Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the award winners! The in-person awards ceremony to honor the winners took place on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 5 PM at Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall.


Recording of the 2023 Awards Ceremony Premiered on June 23, 2023

The event premiered on TV Tacoma on June 23, 2023 which is carried on both the Rainier Connect and Comcast Cable systems. Coming soon it will also be available online via the City’s YouTube Channel and Facebook facebook.com/cityoftacoma.


City of Destiny Award Winners


Unhoused Advocate: Dedicated to providing service and guidance to those who find themselves unhoused.

  • Tim Fairley, Tacoma volunteer outreach and resources

Lifetime Achievement: Dedicated life to achieving a goal that benefits a specific community.

  • Ramona Bennett, Puyallup Tribe of Indians

Lifetime Service: Dedicated service performed by an individual for an extended period that benefits the community.

  • Dr. Timmie Foster, Boys & Girls Clubs, PUSH Inspiration LLC

Adult Leadership: An individual that inspires others to help meet a need in the community.

  • Rachi Wortham, TeamWR

Youth Leadership: An individual up to 18 years of age that inspires others to help meet a need in the community.

  • Tara Ryan and Tara Zolfaghari – Mayor’s Youth Commission of Tacoma

Group: Teamwork on a project that benefits the community.

  • Pierce County Community Engagement Task Force

Environmental Sustainability: Individual or group of all ages dedicated to improving, conserving, or protecting the natural environment.

  • Lauren Scheidt-Padron, Eastside Neighborhood Advisory Council of Tacoma

Disability Advocate: Professional: Individual professional dedicated to increasing access to services such as employment, health, housing, civics, culture, recreation, facilities, and/or programs for people with disabilities.

  • Stu Heath

Economic Development: Group or individual dedicated to improving, encouraging, and promoting sustainable economic development for under-represented communities. 

  • Noemi Cagatin-Porter, CJK Community Homes

Equity & Empowerment: Group or individual dedicated to the promotion of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring all have access to resources and opportunities, with a specific focus on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. 

  • Ashley Jones 

Past Events 

Recording and Photos of the 2022 Awards Ceremony

The event premiered on TV Tacoma on June 24, 2022 which is carried on both the Rainier Connect and Comcast Cable systems. It can also be viewed online via the City’s YouTube Channel and Facebook at facebook.com/cityoftacoma.


View Event Photos (Sierra Hartman Photography©)


Past Years Recipients List

Watch the 2021 video of the event on TV Tacoma

Previous Award Winners’ Photos

View photos from the 2019 City of Destiny Awards Ceremony  (Credit: Matty Photo & Motion)

View photos from the 2018 City of Destiny Awards Ceremony (Credit: Matty Photo & Motion) 

View photos from the 2017 City of Destiny Awards Ceremony (Credit: Matty Photo & Motion)



Since 1987, the City of Tacoma has honored more than 320 outstanding local volunteers through its City of Destiny Awards program. The City of Destiny Awards program is spearheaded by a City Council appointed City Events and Recognition Committee comprised of local community leaders from a broad array of backgrounds and areas of expertise. This committee develops the City of Destiny Awards nomination tools and selection criteria, selects the City of Destiny Awards winners and plans the annual City of Destiny Awards event. 


Questions about the program can be directed to kdralle@tacomavenues.org or call (253) 573-2523.


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