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City Events and Recognitions Committee

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Agenda Packet for October 19, 2022 meeting 

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Zoom meeting link for public attendees: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83862217228?pwd=WG5pTVR1dmpxdGlraWlvcHVEWGZoZz09

Public comment may be no longer than 3 minutes each, and must address the Committee Chair or designee.


On May 7, 2013, through Resolution No. 38670, the City Council created the City Events and Recognitions Committee for the purpose of planning and fundraising for City-hosted observation and recognition events.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Committee serves as an advisory and action committee for the City on matters pertaining to City-hosted events and special recognition programs, such as: the City’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, City of Destiny Awards, and other special national and local observations. The Committee is responsible for planning, reviewing and evaluating events. The Committee will engage the broader Tacoma community in fundraising efforts and the solicitation of corporate and private sponsorships to leverage funds for the events.

In addition to this Committee, through this resolution, the City Council established one or more staff-appointed subcommittees to assist in the planning and implementation of various events. The former Citizens Recognition Committee, created through Resolution No. 31271, serves as the City Volunteer Appreciation Events Subcommittee.


The City Events and Recognitions Committee consists of eleven members who are City residents, with representatives from each of the City’s five Council Districts and who bring a range of perspectives and expertise that focus on the City’s commitment to celebrate civic engagement and special observations.


Staff Support

Staff support to the City Events and Recognitions Committee is provided by Tacoma Venues & Events Department.
Hybrid Meetings 
Time and Day
4 PM
Third Wednesday of each month

Tacoma Municipal Building 

747 Market Street
2nd Floor, Room 248
Tacoma, WA 98402


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